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January 01, 2020

Leather furniture even after being more expensive is liked and preferred by all because of its posh look. It adds a new dimension to the beauty of your house. But, the saddest part of leather furniture is that leather is a sensitive furniture material that has issues with many things. 

5 Common Issues with Leather Furniture

Taking such 5 issues and their effective solution, today, we dedicate this article to your assistance. We guarantee that you will end up learning how to protect your leather furniture from the 5 following issues. Let’s begin!

Faded color

Faded color is one of the most common issues with leather furniture. It simply ruins the original beauty of the furniture along with the satisfaction of your mind. Although, primarily, you can reduce the chance of it by purchasing quality leather yet if it does happen with the leather you must adopt the following solution.

First of all, make sure that your furniture isn’t placed directly to the position of the sun. You should even avoid the place close to stove and powerful light. Finally, as soon as you notice the fade in color, you must apply quality colorant all over the surface. 


Scratches just leave a nasty look on your leather furniture. Once your leather surface is full of scratches, it’s really tough and to some extent, impossible to restore the previous look.

So, here, the best solution that you can adopt is keeping the scratch creating things away from the furniture. Don’t let your pet be on or around it with long nails; don’t let your baby on or around it with anything that has sharp edges. 


Dampness occurs only when your leather absorb the liquid that accidentally falls on it. So, to avoid the issue of dampness, the first and foremost thing that you can do is - making the purchase of such quality leather that doesn’t have absorption ability. 

Then, you must keep a clean rag piece or sponge that is highly liquid absorbable especially for your leather furniture. As soon as any amount of liquid falls on the leather surface, place the rag piece or sponge all over the liquid. 

Once the liquid is sucked, mop that place with another dry rg piece.


It mostly happens all on a sudden making you completely perplexed. Again, it may start with a little hole that you might have been ignoring so far.

Whatever the reason is and how big the torn area is, it doesn’t matter because to repair that portion you must have a good leather repair kit. Follow the instructions of the kit to restore the leather.


Unstitched is a least common issue with leather furniture. It basically happens when the leather is tagged very badly or a bit of stitch is cut accidentally. 

To deal with the issue, we strongly recommend you consult a professional before a large portion goes unstitched.

Final words  

So, these were the most 5 common issues of leather furniture. Whatever the issue is, if you know how to deal with that, nothing should make you concern. Lastly, prevention is better than cure, so always try the utmost so that no such issue arises and you need to fight that back.