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December 03, 2019

Are you interested about leatherworking and want to lead your career as a passionate leatherworker but can’t understand how to start? Then, this is the article for you where you will be presented with everything detail regarding leatherworking.

A Beginner’s Guide to Leatherworking

We will be showing you the paths step-by-step with simple-to-understand instructions to help you be a unique leatherworker.

Think out a project

The first and the most important step of leatherworking is choosing a project with which you want to venture into the career. Here, we strictly forbid you to be quick and emotional. Don’t go for any project that will be grandiloquent yet time-taking and patience tester. Such a project may discourage you for your further advancement.

Therefore, you must think out a project that will be simple yet forces you to undergo the basic leatherwork procedures. You must be in love with the project, not interested to show off merely. 

Introduce yourself to the leather tools

There are a number of tools to deal with leather to shape it in the way your creative mind says. As a mere learner, you must go through the details of every tool type to learn the function of each. While scanning the details, you yourself can understand which tools will be required for your project. 

Let’s introduce you to the names of the basic leather tools so that your searching for and learning about them becomes easier: leather punch awl, swivel knife, edger tool, leather hole punch, leather cutting tool, rubber mallet, caliper, bone folding tool, burnishing slicker, sewing thread and stitching groover. 

Go through a practice session

Once you are introduced to the tools and know about those’ usage, it’s never wise to jump to the main part of leatherwork at once. Instead, you must go through a practice session to make sure that you are all set to the practical usage of the tools.

So, what you need to do for practice? Simply collect a medium size leather piece, it is not obligatory that the piece must be a fresh one. However, then try to use the tools on the leather surface one-by-one in the way you read.

As soon as the practice is over, you yourself will realize whether you have gained mastery over every tool or not. Don’t move to the real session until you have the feel like being a master of all the tools. 

Get, set ready for real project

The moment you get the mastery over every leatherworking tool, it’s the time for you to jump to the real project. 

Start working on your passion with the jurisprudence use of every tool. Don’t try to create exclusiveness in this first task rather try to create simple design with out-and-out perfection. 

Final words  

So, these were the basic instructions from our part for you to be an exclusive leatherworker. We guarantee if you try to understand each of our points and conform to all of these, you will definitely end up being a far and wide recognized leatherworker who will know how to create art with leather.