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June 10, 2019

Although leather is highly vulnerable to scratches yet its importance to you and the majority is beggar descriptive because of its fantastic outlook. Eventually, some time you may get your leather products scratched or deformed in any way.

Before you start dealing with the damaged part, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the leather repair kits in detail. Otherwise, you may keep throwing stones without having any fruit at all. Considering the fact significant, today, our writing revolves around the fact that you cannot but be aware of for repairing your leather products. Let’s begin!

What is contained in a leather repair kit?

A leather repair kit contains multiple tools where each one is vital for mending minor to major damage of your leather products. Usually, a kit contains a total of 10 to 25 pieces of tools. The tools come in varying quantity and with different styles. However, here follow the short introduction to the major tools from the typical leather repair kit.  

Patches:These are the things that you can use to cover any hole of your leather product. Patches always come in different sizes and colors. When you need to adopt patching, match the size at first, then color. Most importantly, you must make sure that the patches are of original leather.

Adhesives:Adhesive is another vital part of a leather repair kit. It is the thing that attaches two torn leather parts permanently and clogs further cleavage. You can get it in both tube and pot.  

Be mindful that the ideal adhesive takes less time to wither thus attach the torn parts quickly. Besides, this type of adhesive is highly resistant to water, UV-ray, heat, and acid. Moreover, it must be flexible.

Palette knife:This helps you apply filler all over the leather. Remember that your knife should be of high-quality material like stainless steel. Above all, it mustn’t have any sharp edge.

Scissors:We guess you already know its use, don’t you? Well, in this case, we just want to remind you of the fact that your scissors must have highly sharp blades. In addition, the grip handle should be sufficiently comfortable.

Tweezers:When scissors are for trimming, tweezers are for pulling any unwanted stitch from your leather. You can even use it to pluck or grasp the smallest tool.

Do the kits really work?

It is a question of the millions but the answer is one, which is- mostly. Even if the kit cannot repair the damage from the core, it can at least hide it.

Although most of the kits are functioning yet very few may not be of good quality. In this case, you must be choosey while buying your kit.

Furthermore, to get proper result consistently, always preserve the kits in a proper way. If necessary, go through the manual or ask your dealer.

Final words

Waste of anything is never expected. So, why will you keep spending unnecessarily on the purchase of new leather products? Instead, you better go through our writing repeatedly, be familiar with the tools and their uses, and start mending your leather products by yourself.