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January 02, 2019

Barge All Purpose Cement” is such a powerful adhesive that you can effortlessly use for the following materials: rubber, wood, cork, glass, cotton, leather, particle board and so on. The adhesive can be used both for repairing the torn parts and just attaching the parts to make anything. The cement is a master in respect to its range of capability of making bondage between multiple materials and to durability as well. As the adhesive has such great potential, so we couldn’t prevent us from presenting it in details to you so that it can come to your work any day.

Fabulous features of Barge All Purpose Cement

The features contained in this cement are simply mind-blowing due to their functionality and durability. The features that we have portrayed below are 100% authentic that will be demonstrated to you well just after one use.

Compatibility with multiple materials

You will find numerous adhesives in the market that will cost you much less but will not be compatible with more than one or two materials. So, what will you do with such an adhesive that will force you to spend more on buying different adhesives for different materials? On the contrary, this Barge cement is all in one adhesive that saves your penny and time working equally with multiple materials.

Takes less time

Like many other adhesives, this Barge cement doesn’t take much time to be visible as functional. The adhesive needs 15-20 minutes only to attach two parts of any material, which is quite impressive.


In addition, this cement is resistant to water that allows you to wash your attached materials wash with water without any hesitation. Moreover, as it is waterproof, the bondage will hardly have any prospect of loosening.

Easy application

The application of the adhesive is easier than that of many others. What you need to do is to make the surface clean and dry before applying.


  •  Quantity: 1 piece
  • Color: Neutral
  • Compatible materials: 17


    •  Works equally with a range of materials
    • Takes less time
    • Enduring and flexible
    • Resistant to water


      • The surface where it will be applied must be dry and clean
      • Doesn’t dry clear
      • Some users find its smell to be fouler


      Q.1. Can I use it for my shoes?

      Ans. Hi, for repairing your shoes better, you need a glue that contains Tuolene. So, my suggestion would be: yes, you can but that won’t be that much better.

      Q.2. Does the cement dry clear?

      Ans. No, it doesn’t dry clear because the adhesive’s color is yellowish.

      Q.3. Will it be perfect for mending leather made sofa?

      Ans. Yes, it will be perfect. But, for getting the perfect output, you must ensure the out and out following of the guideline.

      Finally, what we say is that nothing is in our hand; our duty was to present the product for your sake in its best way with 100% honesty that we did. Now, everything is up to you: whether you want better output or not. But, we hope that you are wise enough to have better and thus will own this Barge cement without delay.*