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November 26, 2019

Are you about to buy a sofa for your house or office and has been in confusion regarding which sofa is to have - fabric or leather? Then, this article is obviously for you that presents you with a positive comparison between the two sofa types. You can simply go through the comparison, match your needs and finalize the sofa type best suited for your use.

Fabric or leather - which sofa type is better?

It is a universal fact that everything of the world contains both merits and demerits. Such is the case with fabric and leather sofa. Both types bring benefit for you from different perspectives. Let’s have a deep look at those. 

Fabric sofa

  • Comfortable:While talking about sofa, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the level of comfort. And from this viewpoint a fabric sofa is ahead of a leather sofa. How? Kindly keep following to learn in detail.

Actually, fabric cannot consume heat or cold in it therefore in all the seasons you will find the fabric sofa surface to be the same. It won’t give you a warm and sticky feeling during summer. Again, it won’t produce a chilling feel during winter. So, you can sit on it even being naked with a guarantee of not getting a sudden pinch or burning feeling. 

  • Variation in design: Fabric is a material on which any type of design can be produced. In short, in fabric, the variation of design is limitless. So, you can go for any design, any color, and any pattern after your mind.

For example, if you love the characters from the Avengers series, you have a chance of having your fabric sofa with the print of those characters. 

  • Comparatively less cost:There will be no argument to the fact that fabric always comes for a cheaper price than that of leather. You may even buy the most gorgeous, tough yet comfortable fabric sofa yet the cost of fabric is most probably going to be less than that of leather. 

Leather sofa

  • Germ free: The greatest ever benefit of having leather sofa is that the leather surface does never house pet dander, dust miles and many other allergens whose contact can cause severe irritation to your skin or many other uncomfortable feelings. In short, with a leather sofa, you are more protected from diseases.
  • Easily cleanable: Just like everything else leather also attracts dust but the interesting fact is that the dust cannot penetrate into it. Instead, it clings to the upper surface that you can clean with a dry or soak piece of rag. Don’t worry, the water will never penetrate into the surface.
  • Posh look:The most celebrated reason for what most of the people prefer leather sofa is its posh appearance. Its presence in a room magnifies the decoration beauty by many folds.

Final words

So, these were the basic benefits offered by fabric and leather sofa. Each type has its own specialty. Now, the finalization is up to you as per your choice and requirement.