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March 14, 2019

Is that indecent scratch on your lavish couch making your worry? Are you in search of a solution that is budget friendly? Looking for something that will not be troublesome but will also not decrease the beauty of your couches? Then, you can end your search right here as Besegois the solution you are looking for. This innovative leather repair patch is multipurpose that will not only repair your couches by will also repair different objects that are made up of leather. You need not worry if you have scratches on your bag, shoes, car seat or anything made up of leather as Besegohas got your back.

In this piece of information, we are going to list details of a number of amazing features that makes Besegoone of the favorite leather patches amongst buyers. You will get to know how precisely it has been manufactured to serve you the best-guaranteed benefits that you will love.

Features BesegoLeather Repair Patch Review:

Easy to use

You can get down to repairing your couch in no time without facing any sort of hassle. Just peel off the backing paper of the patch and stick on the area you desire to cover. Besegohas the feature of being self-adhesive which helps you to complete your task within seconds.

Comes with a range of colors

You will not face any sort of headache regarding the color of your couch or any other leather object you wish to repair. Besegocomes with a range of standard color to choose from.

Size of the patch is adjustable

You can adjust the size of the patch by cutting it, if the scratch is small and you don’t need much to cover up. It has been manufactured in such a way for it to be soft with high viscosity.

Long lasting repair effect

Besegois waterproof and high in terms of durability. It is abrasion resistant so that the repair is long lasting and does not get damaged. The patch is waterproof and made up of tough fibers so that it can provide you a long lasting repair effect.


  • Serves multi purposes as it repairs any objects made up of vinyl, leather and many other upholstery fabrics.
  • Waterproof and abrasion resistance to give long lasting repair effect.
  • Size is adjustable.
  • No glue required as Besegois self-adhesive.


  • There is a requirement of heating up the patch after sticking it for the repair to be harder.


1. Will I need any sort of glue to stick my patch harder?

Ans: No there is no requirement of using any sort of glue. Besegois self-adhesive. Just heat the surface of the patch after sticking it on the repair area.

2. After how long I can use my couch after repairing?

Ans: You can start using the sofa right after you have stuck the leather patch without facing any sort of hassle.


To sum up, don’t wait any longer and repair your couches or any other leather or vinyl objects today itself using Besego. All the features have been compiled together to serve you the best long term repair effect that you need to keep your sofas looking lavish for years.*