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September 15, 2019

Don’t you sometimes feel like you want or need to gift someone for nothing serious or just for insignificant reasons? In such a time, the matter that arises to be the most confusing is what to gift that won’t be that much flamboyant and you can afford easily. Just like you, there are many more people who also hardly face the situation. Considering yours confusion, today, we present you with the best gifts for petty occasions. 

Best gifts for petty occasions - 5 exclusive mugs

It wouldn’t be wise for you to look down upon the word ‘mugs’ before you go through each of it in detail. Kindly, dive with us into the detail exploration to come out of your prejudice against mug as gift. 


Have any of your friends or relatives recently shifted to a new home for study or work purposes? Does he or she often feel gloomy remembering the memories of the previous house? 

Then, you must present him or her with this fabulous mug as its inscription reminds that every new place has a unique thrill. So, he or she must take time and have patience to be surrounded by new memories.


If you have any friends or acquaintances who loves his or her dog so passionately then you must consider this mug for him or her.

Actually, the mug’s inscription is a sheer paradox that creates hard humor. It satirically says that your friend works hard just to offer his dog a better life when he is doing everything for the family and own.  


Do you have such a colleague in the office who is always determined to do something better but can do nothing like that instead keeps complaining about being tired after some time? 

Just gift this mug to him or her that says “I’m trying to be awesome today, but I’m exhausted…” and wait for his or her reaction! 


Is there literally anyone who doesn’t love his or her grandma? We don’t believe so! However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have company of his or her grandma.

If your grandma is still alive and her birthday is approaching then we recommend you to go for this awesome mug. Its inscription expresses your feelings for her directly saying she is the best you can ever have. 

We are quite sure that you are going to make her cry with it! 


There is literally no one in the world who doesn’t fart less or more. If unfortunately your father is one step ahead of other then this mug could be the best ever father day gift for him. 

The reason lies in the mug’s funny inscription that intentionally says that he (your father) is the best farter (instead of father). 

Just present your father with it before other family members and await everyone’s reaction. We guarantee that as soon as the inscription is open to all, your house is going to blast with hard laughing. 

Final words 

To sum up, each of the mugs can be a unique gift for insignificant occasions because of relevant inscription. Besides, each one’s features and quality are equally satisfactory. Therefore, buying the mugs as best gifts for petty occasions won’t devalue your hard-toil money.