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March 03, 2020

A proverb says that health is wealth and to ensure this wealth there is no alternative to regular physical exercise. And any kind of physical exercise including jogging and running becomes more pleasing if you have the perfect vapormax. In case you aren’t an expert in choosing vapormax, you must check out the following write up to introduce yourself to the best Nike vapormax models. 

The vapormax models that we will be presenting for you are worldwide popular because of their appearance, comfort and benefits. In short, the models do justice to your faith and dependence.

Best Nike Vapormax Models

To provide you with an impartial presentation of the models, we will be discussing each model under the same criteria. This will help you catch the entire overview more easily and faster. You can even pick the best model for you through compare and contrast. Here we go!     


Construction: The shoe is made following FlyKnit technology. Under the technology, the fabric and yarn variations are engineered precisely. The technology helps the manufacturer to minus waste by 60% and so the overall weight of the shoe is quite light. Eventually, wearing it you can run faster without being tired soon.

Sole: What’s the use of that lightweight vapormax that allows you to run faster but uncomfortable? Such a pair of shoes is like having tea without ginger. However, this vapormax white features a pure rubber sole that is both comfortable and anti-slippery. 

Gum: As a buyer you’re always concerned about construction, design, sole and many other outward things. What you miss the most or about what you ask not is - gum. You often put less emphasis on it, don’t you? But, do you know how important gum is to ensure the durability of your vapormax?

However, if you’re buying this pair of vapormax white, you don’t need to be concerned a bit. The reason is - the connected parts contain pure gorilla gum. It makes sure that no part gets separated by tugging or rough use. 

Lace:The lace that you will get with this vapormax pair is soft yet tough. You can tug the lace with as much force as you need to tighten the knot, the lace won’t split. 

Washing: We know that washing is a great concern for all the vapormax users and you’re obviously not an exception. In this matter, we want to make sure that you can wash the vapormax whenever you need. Don’t worry about the damaging of the materials. Not a single material is going to be decayed by careful cleaning.


Construction:You know something; this is one of the rarest models of our list just because of its construction. How? Well, it’s such a pair of vapormax that is woven! Can you believe that? You’re going to wear woven vapormax? Have you ever been unfortunate enough to wear such shoe? If not, then try this pair out.

However, for woven, the manufacturer went for one of the most popular kinds of yarn that is - cotton. The yarn is soft and well absorbent.

Sole:Just like the previous one, this one’s sole is also made of rubber. As a result, you will find the sole to be springy with height of comfort. And most importantly, it is anti-slippery. So, you can run on any surface being free from the tension of falling down on the ground.

Gum:You must have heard the name of Boot-Fix Glue that has been revolutionary for vapormax making. Yes, this adhesive is used with this Nike vapormax model. Because of this, the join of sole and the upper part is highly strong. 

Lace: The most satisfying fact about the lace of this vapormax pair is that it doesn’t slip. Thus, you won’t find the knot open or untied after a few hours, which is really disgusting.

Washing: Another great benefit of having this pair is that - as it’s black in color so you can avoid frequent washing. But, we’re not saying that you should wash the vapormax pair as little as possible. Instead, we guarantee you that a methodical cleaning will present you with a new glittering pair of vapormax each time.


Construction:A nylon made attractive vapormax pair with which you can have the feel like flying. No, we’re obviously not joking with you and not dare to. Actually this is one of the reviews we have got from a long-time user of OW 97 BLACK. 

Do you know what the best advantage of nylon vapormax is? It’s durability. Yes, nylon corrodes far less than any other material thus adds another year to the durability.

Sole:Undoubtedly, the sole is of rubber that is soft yet tough enough not to be flatten. The coop created by the nylon roof and rubber sole is really going to be awesome for you.

Gum:Gorilla Original Glue is the adhesive used to manufacture the vapormax model. It’s highly water and heat resistant. This is a great message of durability for you.

Lace:The shoelace material is cotton that is too good to create an ultra-tight knot. You’re free to pull the lace ends with as much force as required.

Washing:Just like two of its previous siblings, you can clean this vapormax pair as well. Using water and detergent won’t cause damage to it. 


  • Use washing detergent that is free from dye and chemical
  • Get the vapormax pair dried naturally instead of using dryer 

Final words

To sum up, no model is superior or inferior to the other two. Instead, all three are creations of mastermind. You can go for any one of the best Nike vapormax models without any doubt of performance. Be sure that the moment you start wearing any of the models, you will notice a boost in your own performance.