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December 12, 2019

Just like fabric, leather can be patched as well, although very few leather users are aware of the fact. This is why they cannot think more than changing the damaged leather without even trying to patch it. In case, you are one of those persons then this article opens a door of possibility for you displaying how you can patch leather easily. 

How to patch leather? 

There are a couple of methods for patching leather but it’s not possible to present all of those here and it will be unwise as well. Therefore, here, we will be presenting you with how to patch leather using sub patch, glue, filler, leather dye and finish. You can adopt the method for both minor and major patching. 

  • Take a sub patch of any color and cut it out as per the size of tear or rip of your leather. Remember that after cutting, the patch size must be a large rectangular with 2-times more side than the rip or tear.  
  • Insert the patch into the rip and place it under the torn area. For a comfortable and secure insertion, you can adopt a pair of tweezers. 
  • Use a piece of palette to apply glue just between the leather beneath and patch. Make sure that you have applied the glue everywhere equally. Wipe away the excess glue that comes out of the rip. 
  • Keep pressing the glued zone using any tough surfaced material so that a strong bond is created between patch and leather. Let the glue dry up. 
  • Wet a clean piece of rag with 70% isopropyl and wipe the damaged area gently. 
  • Is there any loose or dangling fiber? Trim it off using a sharp scissors. Otherwise, leather filler won’t be able to create an enliven surface. 
  • This is the time to apply leather filler to the gap of the leather edges using a palette knife. You should use the palette’s flat side to smooth out the filler. You can use a piece of paper towel to wipe away the excess filler coming out of the gap.  
  • Leave the filled area to be dried up. How much time you should wait? Well, you can check the filler’s instruction for learning it.  
  • Make the patched zone invisible making it of the same color of your leather. For this, you must have the right color either purchased or made by own. Start dabbing a little amount of dye all over the repaired area using a wet sponge. Keep dabbing until you feel like the area is hidden completely. 
  • Finally, dab a little amount of leather finish using a soft rag piece and let the finish dry up. 

Final words 

So, has your confusion gone regarding whether leather can be patched or not? We hope and expect it to be not in existence any more. However, be sure that you don’t use any solution containing harmful chemicals. This may leave you astonished with a fabulous finishing but that may cause you irritating skin disease.