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January 17, 2020

While making the purchase of seat, most people suffer from the confusion - leather or cloth seat, which will be a better choice for me? Finding the confusion ever increasing we have come up with a healthy comparison between the two so that you can understand which one is perfect according to your home environment and other issues.

Cloth seat


  • Variation of design: The greatest part of having a cloth seats is that you can go for thousands of colors with thousands of designs. Even in case you cannot find a perfect color and design combo, you have an option for ordering the seat to be manufactured with the cloth that you prefer.
  • Resistant to heat: Cloth is an all-season perfect choice as it doesn’t consume heat. So, if it’s summer, you will have a cold feeling while on the seat and if it’s winter, you won’t have a shock of current.
  • Silent: Cloth has the least potentiality of creating sound while having friction to your skin. In another way, you can address it as a silent seat material.


  • Get dirty easily: The most dissatisfactory issue of a cloth made seat is that it gets dirty very shortly. It has millions of pores that keep the dirt particles stuck to them. Most nasty thing is that cloth has the maximum possibility of getting irritating stain from food items and drinks like sauce, tea, coffee and so on. 

Then, comes the issue of cleaning off those stinks and dirt surface that is simply a nightmare experience with cloth. The cleaning process requires time, patience and most importantly care.

  • Allergic:You may not be aware of the fact that cloth seats are often found to be responsible for spreading allergens. Actually, the pores of the cloth keep stuck harmful dust particles and from those allergens spread everywhere.
  • Prone to get cut: Besides being dirty, cloth seats have a maximum risk of getting cut very easily even when your pet has sharp nails. 

Leather seat  


  • Appearance: It goes without saying that leather seat increases the beauty of your room to a great extent. This is why the first choice of the fancy people is a leather seat, not a cloth seat.
  • Doesn’t get dirty: When you have a leather manufactured seat, you can be free from the tension of making the leather surface dirty and stained. You can sit on it and eat whatever you want freely.
  • Easy cleaning: It would be wrong in saying that leather seat never needs a wash. It also requires a wash after a certain period of time but the washing is super easy and short-timed. 


  • Consumes heat: The greatest problem of having a leather seat is that it consumes heat easily. So, during winter and summer, you may want to avoid its usage. 

Final words

To sum up, both cloth and leather seat has its own merits and demerits. Now, the decision is up to you - which one suits to your home environment, time and patience better.