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September 13, 2021

Do I need a ledger for crypto? Yes, we do make sure that you need a ledger device either X or S to ensure the maximum security for your valuable digital currencies.  

Apart from security, there are many other major issues that make a ledger wallet a must have gadget for you. 

So, how ledger is going to safeguard your cryptos and what the other things are that are about to offer you a never enjoyed experience will be the talk of our today’s write up. 

Let’s get started! 

Do I need a ledger for crypto? 

The info we have gathered below for you is taken from the official ledger’s website and users’ reviews. Nothing is presented out of our whim to meet personal goals. Here we go! 

Exclusive security

Both Nano X and S are CC EAL5+ certified because of invincible security provisions. 

At the very beginning of setting up an account with any of the offline wallets, you are given 24 recovery phrases. As soon as none has access to them, he or she can never have authority over your account.

Again, to make the devices recalcitrant for the hackers, no shared operating system rather than Ledger developed BOLOS is used. 

Moreover, the Nano S features cryptographic attestation that every time makes sure that it is you who just logged in. 

Wide storage capability

If you go for the Nano S, it will enable you to store a total of 107 types of cryptos along with 1000 tokens. 

Surprisingly, the Nano X is too big, which can house more than 1100 cryptos. 

Both devices support the major to minor currencies including Bitcoin, Ripple and XRP. 


The first thing that will draw your attention is the simplicity with one screen, two buttons and clear instructions. Even your little ones can use any of the two like a pro.

Then, here comes the Ledger Live App, a revolutionary communicative window. Through the app you can check the balance, buy/sell and swap your currencies from your computer or mobile. It even helps you install and uninstall the crypto apps within a few simple steps.


You can get your Nano X connected to your 64-bits desktop computers including Linux, macOS 10.10+, Windows 8+ and Android 7+ or iOS 9+. To secure the connection you can use either the supplied USB cable or the device’s Bluetooth system.

Unlike the X, the S cannot be connected through Bluetooth rather than a supplied cable to your  64-bits desktop computers including Linux, macOS 10.10+, Windows 8+ and Android 7+ mobile.


Not only the Nano X but also the S is manufactured with brushed stainless steel and to-notch plastic. The combination gives the device the robustness of an elephant that none can tamper.

Final words

Apart from the mentioned and discussed features of ledger, it has a compact design that makes it easily portable. Now, the decision is up to you whether you will have a ledger or not but we would like to finish with a proverb that says even a fool knows its business. 

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