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May 26, 2019

Someday, you may get your leather made favorite bag or sofa torn significantly or lightly. There is no doubt that you will passionately want it to get repaired. But, before that just like many other victims, your curious mind may arise the question- do leather repair kitswork?

Even we aren’t sure whether the usual kits really work or not. But, what we know and can suggest you is that the leather kits of TMpatchup are actually functioning thus acknowledged globally. We are quite sure that you aren’t convinced by this simple statement. Therefore, here follow the reasons why only TMpatchupproducts can satisfy your need.

Perfect patches

TMpatchupunderstands your needs from the core. It knows very well where the shoe pinches and where to hit. Its understanding of customers’ requirements is well understood when you check its leather patches.

The patches, first of all, are made of 100% authentic leather without any mixture of low-quality material. Therefore, these easily suit the quality of your leather stuff. Then, the patches come in multiple sizes and colors means you aren’t forced to choose any awkward size or color. Eventually, none can identify where the patch is.

Strong adhesive

The adhesives of TMpatchupare produced following a powerful method. As a result, all the adhesives such as Gorilla Super Glue Gel and Tear Mender are highly sticky. It doesn’t matter where you apply any of these- leather, clothes, tents or awnings the torn parts get attached to each other instantly.  

Besides, there are some other mind-blowing features of these: firstly, the adhesives are highly acid-resistant means no reaction of any acid can part the fixing let alone water; then, the adhesives are UV-resistant means these never turn into a tough dried lump in touch of scorching sunlight; moreover, the adhesives are flexible means these can take any form as your requirement.

To be simple, the adhesives of TMpatchupare the height of excellence and next to immortality.

Mind-blowing packages

In addition to these, TMpatchupoffers you a variety of leather tool kit packages. Each of the packages contains multiple numbers of tools. For example, one of such packages is Caydo 59 pieces leather craft hand tools kit. You can have the package for hand sewing, stitching, saddle making etc.

Just like this one, you can use any other package to sew different types of leathers, fabrics, denim, and canvases. With any of these, you can create own exclusive pattern and design on a belt, handbag, wallet, and so on.

Most importantly, all of the tools of every set are made of high-quality material thus you don’t have to be worried about their consistent performance and durability.

Final words

In the end, we aren’t sure whether you have completely been convinced of our presentation or not. In this case, we request you whole-heartedly to buy any of the leather kits of TMpatchupand prove us wrong. This will guide us further to modify the products according to your needs.