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January 01, 2019

Are you someone who has been looking for an ideal adhesive that will hundred in one? If you are, then we feel much delighted to let you know that you are in the right place to explore such an ideal adhesive. Yes, you heard that right! Today, in this article we will discuss the pros and cons of “E6000 230010 Adhesive” that has almost all the qualities, which are normally asked by the users. We can assure you that once you complete reading the article you will feel the utmost urge to have this adhesive for repairing your torn parts that include a wide range of materials. Let’s begin!

Cool features of E6000 230010 Adhesive with Precision Tips Review

The adhesive is both an expert in fixing the torn parts of numerous materials and the possessor of some other impressive qualities that are enough to blow your mind. So, kindly have enough patience to stick to the end to enrich your experience of using adhesive.

Precision tips and tip cap

The adhesive comes with three precision tips and a tip cap. Wondering what do with these? Well, actually, the precision tips will enable you to apply the adhesive in the right place and in the right amount. On the contrary, the precision tip cap will keep the liquid protected from air or any other thing harmful to it.

Compatible with multiple materials

The adhesive is an expert in dealing with the torn parts of glass, fabric, wood, leather, plastics, vinyl, tin, rubber, metal, cement, ceramic, and so on. So, you don’t need to spend more money on buying adhesives for different materials.


You may dislike the dried-up surface of the adhesive. But, don’t be worried about that, because this adhesive is paintable. So, you can apply your favorite color to its dried-up surface.


It doesn’t matter on which material the adhesive has been applied, you can easily wash that material either with water or without it means dry-wash. None of the washings will cause any harm to the bonding.


    • Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 3.6 x 7.1 inches      
    • Weight: 0.96 ounces
    • Quantity: 1 pack


    • Making a robust bondage requires just a bit of adhesive
    • Sticks to almost all the materials
    • It dries clear
    • Both photo safe and resistant to temperature
    • Resistant to water, thus washable


    • Very few users find the precision tip useless after using once
    • Instructions are written on the tube, but with small font


      Q.1. Can I attach a rubber end to a metal end with it?

      Ans.Actually, the adhesive is not so good at dealing with metal

      Q.2. Is this adhesive stronger than the typical super glue?

      Ans. There is no doubt that it is stronger than super glues.

      Q.3. Does the bitting smell vanish after it dries up?

      Ans. Yes, the smell vanishes completely once it is withered.

      In the end, we hope that you also have found the adhesive resourceful just like us. If you have, then we would like to recommend you to use it immediately, otherwise you will make yourself deprived of feeling the thrill of such an excellent adhesive.*