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May 17, 2019

It is not uncommon for good genuine leather to last 30 years or more! They need some tender loving care and touch up along these faithful years to retain its color, softness, and comfort.

Restore leather is not a half-hour project. It requires patience, know-how,and a quality restoration products. Replacement cost for a quality genuine sofa runs a few thousands. Cost to restore is a tiny fraction of new and the reward is not only a beautifully restored piece of furniture, but a priceless pride of: "YES, I did it!".

Discolored Dining Chair Recolor

* SEM Leather Prep
* Surecoat Pigment paint, Burgundy Color
* Leather Protectant

TOOLS used:
* Sponge/cloth
* Foam Brush OR Spray Gun
* Hair Dryer


*STEP 1: Spray on Leather Prep. Use the Gray Scuff Pad to smooth out any rough, worn out areas. (Prepare surface for paint. Enhance adhesion. Cleans soils, wax and grease)

*STEP 2: Hand applied 1st color coat with a foam brush. If you have Spray Gun, spray the next coats. Add Crosslinker and Reducer before spraying/brushing. (Surecoat Pigment: change or enhance the current color while maintaining the texture and look of leather and vinyl)
NOTE: you can use hair dryer to speed up drying between color coats.

*STEP 3: Wipe on Leather Protectant with a sponge (to protect leather surface against daily soiling so it looks cleaner longer)