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April 30, 2019

Are you in search of something that can repair your worn leather wallets, boots and purses? If you are then you must go with the FRYE Unisex Leather Conditioning Cream. This product gives life to your lifeless, old boots and we mean it!

This is the best conditioning cream ever because it has the quality that makes your old and tanned boots a new one. It gives new life to the leather boots and the best part is that it is not heavy on your wallet.  It is durable and will last forever.

If you want a matte trendy finish on your boots, then Unisex Leather Conditioning Cream is all you need!

Features of FRYE Unisex Leather Conditioning Cream Review

  • Has a metallic quality
  • Basically imported
  • Has the ability to restore all oil-tanned leathers
  • Weatherproof
  • Made in the USA
  • Has a very neutral-toned texture
  • Long lasting

Buy Now- FRYE Unisex Leather Conditioning Cream

Basically, this Unisex Cream has a conditioning quality that makes it great. It creates a layer on the old, worn boots and makes it new. The second best part is that it does not need to apply a lot on leather boots and so, it lasts long.

Besides, light color leather is not being affected by this product and that makes this product unique. If you want something that turns your leather into a brand new and stays longer then you should try this one.

This product is weatherproof. Yes, WEATHERPROOF! You can get your boots in the newer condition by its first application. It will not turn into old soon and you can get a weatherproof finish on your boots too.

Further, this product is made for the leather material and it will also go very well with any of the material that is like leather.This amazing quality of conditioning cream helps bring back the natural finish of leather by using oil tanning application. And the best part of this product is uniqueness.

If we talk about the drawback then one reason may hold it back. It has no waterproof quality. Though it is not waterproof, you cannot think it as a lacking. It can still stay away from water for its weatherproof quality. So overall this product is beyond a good product.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for leather materials
  • Does not darken the leather
  • Protects from tan
  • Can be applied to leather shoes and boot soles
  • Can be used safely on vintage items


  • Has no waterproof quality
  • Made for Frye products
  • Cannot be used on nubuck and suede

FAQs on FRYE Unisex Leather Conditioning Cream

Will Leather Conditioner like Unisex darken the color of leather?

No, if you are with the Unisex Leather Conditioning Cream, it will not darken the color of your leather. It will rather recreate the new leather boots for you!

Does Leather Conditioning Cream go bad?

If you are with the right leather conditioner, it will never afford you a bad result. If you fail to choose the right one for your boots, you may need to pay a high price for it!

Can I go for Coconut Oil or Vaseline for Leather Conditioning?

If you do not have flaxseed, you can have faith in coconut oil for conditioning your leather. If you want then you can go for Vaseline too. You have to use it with a clean cloth. We will always recommend high-grade leather conditioning cream for leather more than coconut or Vaseline.


Though this product has no waterproof quality still it can resist water well. This FRYEUnisex brand is a highly recommended one. It has the best quality that gives your boots a weatherproof yet matte texture that is very rare and also trendy. 

So if you want the best conditioning cream for any kind of leather, you should try it once. We can hope that you would not be dissatisfied by using this product.

Let us know your experience of using this product and comment down below.*