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August 24, 2019

Hey, has it ever come to your mind that a mug can be an exclusive gift as well? Feel surprised? It’s okay if you do because very few people do realize this fact. 

But, presenting a mug as a unique gift requires a couple of choosey eyes that you may lack. That’s why, today, we are here to present you with a number of extraordinary types of mugs. You can choose any of these blindly as a special gift. We guarantee you the full satisfaction of the ceremony host or the receiver!

Wall-E and Eve coffee mug

Are you planning to gift the mug to any kid? Then, there is hardly any better alternative to Wall-E and Eve coffee mug. The mug is basically designed for kids by Disney. 

So, gifting this to any kid will definitely make him or her happy!

Double Insulated Espresso Cup

If you are gifting someone who patronizes art or loves nature, you should go for this mug type. No doubt, it’s a marvellous mug with the combination of natural wood and synthetic glass.

The mug has a wood made base with glass made upper portion that has ascribed a pure classic look to it. 

3D Peacock Coffee Mug

In case, the gift taker loves color and nature, this mug type can be a far better option for you. The mug has got a unique shape with layers of multiple color. 

Undoubtedly, the user will have a feel like being a king or emperor while drinking coffee from it.

Chocolate Donut with Sprinkles Mug

Is the gift receiver a real foodie person to whom food is all, then believe us he or she is going to fall in love with this Chocolate Donut With Sprinkles Mug. 

The mug is made with the shape of a real donut. This will make your foodie friend have a watery mouth even before taking a sip of coffee. 

Surprise Cat Coffee Mug

This is another ideal mug for kids or your childish friends. The mug has a cat at the bottom with a printed cat outside.

So, whenever any liquid is served to your friend or any kid with this mug, he or she cannot help finishing the drink at least to see the little cute cat inside.

To Coffee Mug

Have you been looking for a special yet low-budget minor gift for your loving person? If you have been then we strongly recommend you to go for this mug. Why?

Actually, it has got a love shape that makes the mug not only a simple gift but also an indirect expression of love.

Final words

Although there are many more mugs types that you can use as mind-blowing gifts yet these listed ones are mostly preferred. In case, you are going out of our recommendations, you should be choosey and must consider the characteristic traits of the gift receiver. Moreover, the ceremony for what you will be gifting should also be considered. Otherwise, your money, purpose, and expectations may go in vain.