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August 14, 2021

Have you got a new Ledger Nano S wallet to secure your crypto currencies offline and don’t know how to access the device? Then, the following write up is obviously for you as it vividly shows you the correct and secure way of getting the access. Here we go! 

How do I access my Ledger Nano S?

Initialize the Ledger Nano S wallet

Before you jump to the initialization of the device, it is advisable to make sure that your laptop or desktop features the following:

  • Windows 7+, Linux or macOS 10.8+ 
  • Secure internet connection and Google Chrome
  • A USB port. Use an adapter for USB-C ports

Launch the initialization

Follow the steps given below consecutively to make the initialization a success:

First of all, connect the Nano S device to the computer using a USB cable. Make sure that you are using the supplied cable, not any random one.

Some instructions should appear on the screen of the offline wallet in case the connection is proper. You may read the instructions if you want, it’s not mandatory though. To proceed, you need to press both right and left buttons at a time.

As you proceed and the next screen appears, a question should pop up “Configure as new device?” As you see it, press the right button (that is just above the validation icon) of the wallet.

Set a PIN code

Before you start setting the code, consider the following things rigorously:

  • The PIN code should be of 4 digits if the firmware version is 1.2 or lower than that.
  • The PIN code should be of 4 or 8 digits if the firmware version is 1.3 or higher than that.

Start setting the PIN

If the initialization of your Ledger wallet is a success then “Choose a PIN” will automatically appear on the screen of the wallet. To give your consent, you need to press both right and left buttons simultaneously.

  • A series of numbers from 0 to 9 will be on the screen so that you can choose your PIN. 
  • To choose a digit, you should use the right or the left button. As you reach the expected digit, press both buttons at a time to confirm the digit. 
  • This is how you choose a single digit and you still have to choose 3 or 7 more digits and confirm in the same process.
  • Even though for the firmware version 1.3 or higher, you’re advisable to set a PIN code of 8 digits yet you may use 4 digits only. 
  • After the selection and confirmation of every 4 digit, you will get the option for finalization. Whenever you want to finalize, just select the check icon and confirm by pressing both buttons at a time. 

Tips to be considered 

  • Your PIN code should be unique, not related to any date that is important for you.
  • The PIN code must not be repetitive; that’s to say, it mustn’t be the same code that you use for a social site or Google.  
  • It is never wise to constitute the code by a series of consecutive digits like 1,2,3… or 7,8,9.

Write down the recovery phrase 

Once you are successful in forming the PIN code and confirming it, a series of 24 unique words will be displayed on the screen. 

These are the words, which form the heart of the security of your crypto currency. As soon as none can reach these words, your currencies are stored securely. 

Again, to recover your lost Ledger Nano S, you will be in need of these 24 words. 

Considering the beggar descriptive importance of the recovery phrase, here follow a number of instructions for you that you must obey for your own sake:

  • As every word will be displayed only once, it is strongly advisable to write down the words for permanent preservation.
  • With the box of your purchased Ledger Nano S, you will definitely have a blank sheet. This is the sheet where you are to note down the words.
  • Write down the first word beside the serial no. 1. Cast sharp eyes on your written word and the displayed one to match the spelling.
  • Press the right button of the device to move to the next word and write down that beside the serial no. 2. Keep repeating the same process until you copy the last word. 
  • As soon as you copy down the 24 no. word, “Confirm your recovery phrase” will appear on the screen.
  • Select the requested word by navigating with the right or left button. Validate the word by pressing both buttons and repeat this step for each requested word.
  • Once you come to an end to this process, the screen will show the message “Your device is now ready”.

Here comes the end to all the processes required to get access to your Ledger Nano S.


Can I access the Ledger Nano S by myself?

Ans. Yes, you can obviously. The entire process though is time-consuming yet that is for your assets’ security.

How do I connect my Nano S to my Phone?

Ans. Using a micro b USB you can connect your offline wallet to any Android phone.

What happens if my Ledger Nano S breaks?

Ans. Making the use of the PIN code and the 24 recovery words, you can get access to your old account via a new Nano S device.

How safe is the Ledger Nano S?

Ans. With a dual chip architecture, cryptographic attestation, BOLOS operating system, the device is enormously safe.

Final words

In the end, we must say that getting access to Ledger Nano S is not an easy job at all. This requires your patience, time and attention. But, there is nothing to take it negatively because the process is laid out to ensure the maximum security of your offline assets.

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