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December 15, 2019

Leather couch is not only comfortable to chill but also a luxury item that beautifies your room with elegance. But, the elegance can be at risk if the couch surface contains a rip on it. It even doesn’t let you chill comfortably because you are always in the thought of worsening the rip.

To release you from tension with the removal of the risk, here we present you with the ways to fix such a rip on leather couch. The entire process is super easy and obviously not time-killing. Here we go! 

  • First of all, mop the adjacent parts of the rip using a rag piece damped with leather cleaner. Don’t have any such cleaner? Don’t worry, pour a little fluid dish soap on the rag and mop the mentioned area.  
  • Once you have cleaned up the area with the wet rag piece, it’s time to mop the area once again with a piece of dry rag.Never use a rag that contains dye. It will leave color onto the leather surface that is not acceptable.  
  • Do you find any loose fiber or string? Then, trim it off instantly with a sharp scissors. Again, look for any stuffing or batting stick that is out from the rip. Push it back inside the leather surface. 
  • Take a bottle of leather repair solution and tint. Pour both in a little amount into an empty jar. Mix the two well and check if the color is matching with that of your couch. Unmatched? Then, pour a bit more tint to get the exact color. 
  • Switch on an iron keeping it closer to the couch. Lock the low-heat option. Be sure that no steam is produced. 
  • Now, pour down the solution onto the rip. Pour it down layer after layer and keep pouring until you cannot see the rip through the solution. 
  • Take a piece of leather grain paper and place it over the rip following side down position. 
  • In your leather repair kit, there must be a metal heat tool. Bring it out and press it onto the hot surface of the iron. Has the tool warmed up? Then, rub it all over the grain paper. Leave the paper for some time and as soon as it becomes cool, simply peel it away. 
  • Keep in mind that instead of the metal heat tool, you can also use the iron’s tip all over the paper with much awareness. Do it only if your kit doesn’t include the metal heat tool. 


  • When pressing the paper with iron’s tip, be sure that the tip doesn’t touch that couch surface directly. 
  • Unplug the iron as soon as you’re done with heating the metal heat tool or pressing the grain paper.  

Final words 

So, this is how you can fix a rip of a leather couch not only effectively but also shortly. The process doesn't require you to spend a lot but be sure that you use quality cleaner, repair solution and tint. Otherwise, your expected outcome may reverse very poorly.