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December 10, 2019

If you have been a user of leather products like bag, sofa or jacket then you must be aware of the fact that leather has an inclination for being damaged easily. And one of the most irritating damages is - tear on the surface. It doesn’t only ruin the overall beauty but also makes the product vulnerable.

Therefore, you must repair that tear as soon as possible. How to do that? Don’t worry, here we have presented you with a complete guideline of dealing with a tear in leather. Just follow the instructions step-by-step to give your leather a fresh look.

How do you repair a tear in leather?

  • Take a sharp scissors or a scalpel to trim the worn out sides of the tear. Make sure that the edges are clean for a smart repair.
  • You must have a leather repair kit. Take out the tweezer and canvas cloth. Now, insert the cloth piece into the hole using the tweezer.
  • Have you inserted the cloth? Is it completely behind the tear? Well, then take a spatula and leather glue. Wet the top of the spatula with glue and apply the glue between the leather behind and the front of cloth. 

Press the leather hard so that it can be stuck to the cloth from all the edges. Leave the bond for some time to be dried up. 

  • Take some leather filler actually considering the tear size. Apply the filler into the tear. In this way, you can fill the space in the torn edges of leather creating a smooth level.
  • Never give up after applying the filler just for one or two times rather apply it in a number of thin layers. For further better output, you may emboss a grain pattern with the final layer.

After you apply a single layer dry it up using a hairdryer. Follow the same process until you feel like the tear is filled by ¾ . Finally, apply one thin layer. Smooth it off using a palette knife. This will level the tear with rest of the leather surface.

  • As soon as the filler is completely dried up, the next job is left for color. Choose a color wisely matching with the color of your leather surface. Take a sponge, wet it with color, and apply it on the torn part. 

Let the color be dried up and apply another layer. Keep applying layers until you feel like the tear is hidden. Don’t apply the next color layer before the previous one is dried well.

  • In the end, you can end the repairing with the application of leather finish. Apply the finish using a sponge and in multiple thin layers. Let one layer dry before applying another.

 Final words

 So, this is how you can repair any size of tear of your leather surface ensuring a permanent output. However, be sure that you use matched color and quality glue, filler and finish. Be sure that none of these contains harmful chemicals. Otherwise, you won’t have the satisfactory output and most importantly can be attacked with skin irritation.