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December 10, 2019

No doubt that you buy a car not only for fast travelling but also as a part of luxury. Among the parts of your car that exhibit the luxuriousness, your car seats have a major role. Therefore, you must be careful so that the seats are always clean and clear without any dent and rip. 

But, what if even after a lot of your careful take care, any of the seats is damaged somehow? We know it’s pathetic and irritating at the same time. Taking your pain seriously and respecting your love, care and dedication to your car, here we present you with an effective guideline of repairing your leather car seats satisfactorily. 

How do you repair leather car seats?

  • First of all, take a sharp look all over the damaged area. Consider the damages and have a leather repair tools kit.
  • Now, it’s time to dive into the main section of repairing. If the damaged part was repaired previously then remove the applied elements from its surface. For removal, you may use any foaming solution and a scrubbing pad together.

If needed, trim the edges of the damaged part with a piece of sharp scissors. Remember that no out-hanging substance should exist. 

  • Take a piece of canvas cloth and slide it into the torn or rip part using a tweezer. Make sure that the canvas is completely behind the leather. 
  • Now, apply some glue between the canvas and the leather using palette. Press the upper surface of the leather so that the bond of its underneath and the canvas’ front becomes tough. 
  • Use the same palette for applying filler onto the rip or dent. Leave the filler all over the damaged part. Apply the filler for several times taking an interval after each application. Otherwise, filler won’t dry well.
  • Is the filler completely dried up? Okay, then it’s time for sanding down the filler with a fine grit sanding block. Rub the block all over the outside and dried filler until the filler is levelled with the leather surface.
  • Once the sanding is done, wipe down those sanding parts using a wet piece of rag. This will remove every piece of dirt and dust. Let the seat dry up before moving to the next step.
  • Use a dry piece of rag to apply color all over the area where you have applied filler a while ago. Apply the color in several layers. Let a layer dry before applying another.
  • After color, apply leather sealant all over the repaired area using a clean rag piece. 
  • Take leather patch of the color that your car seat has. Apply strong glue on the edges of it and stuck the patch to the torn or rip part. 
  • Don’t sit on the seat before the patch is strongly stuck to the seat.

Final words

You buy a car with your savings of many hard-toil years so why you will leave any of its parts damaged or for further damage. Just like repairing the seats of car, you should also have a sound knowledge to bring solution to every petty problem of your car to lengthen its longevity.