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July 06, 2020

Suppose you have just met a person whom you have never seen before. Can you exactly mark him as good or bad? Obviously, you can’t because this demands a keen and lengthy observation of that person’s behavior, modesty, thinking and personality.

In the same way, we can’t mark a Kn95 mask as effective or ineffective before we analyze the features of it. Therefore, here we present you with a detailed analysis of a Kn95 mask. And, after the detailing, we will surely stand a statement regarding its effectiveness. So, here we go!

How Effective Are Kn95 Masks 

Before we take you to the deep of analysis, we want to assure you that every of the info provided below is collected from CDC of the USA.


Potential filter

There will be no argument in saying that a mask’s quality is comprehensively decided by its filter’s performance. The more the mask can filter viruses and other germs, the more powerful and safer it is for you.

Keeping the fact in the center of consideration, the filter of the Kn95 masks has been developed. Just like the USA manufactured N95 mask, this Chinese made mask is also capable of killing the harmful viruses by 95%. In some cases, this rate has been found to be a bit more.

More interesting fact is that the filter is highly able to give a tough fight against the germs, which are 0.3 microns or less than this size.


The less a mask leak, the better it is for you for two reasons. First of all, it clogs more germs from entering and the mask goes for many more days.

Giving height of focus on this fact, a Kn95 mask is manufactured with quality raw materials. The materials are PP nonwoven, melt blown filter, activated carbon layer, PP nonwoven and soft cotton. 

These all together make a Kn95 mask almost leak-proof. According to the test report of the Japanese researchers, this mask leaking rate is less than 1%, which is beyond the requirement. 

No resistance for inhalation and exhalation  

You wear a mask to keep yourself protected from the deadly viruses like the germs of Covid-19, not to suffer from breathing complexities, right? But, do you know there are masks, which require comparatively more strict requirements for pressure drop when you inhale or exhale? Such masks even after being effective cause breathing trouble to you. 

Fortunately, with a Kn95 mask you will face no such breathing complexities. The mask requires no strict requirements for pressure drop and so you will always feel relaxed while inhaling or exhaling. 

Final words

So, this was all about the features of a Kn95 mask. And, after the analysis, we feel no hesitation in saying that the mask is too good to battle against the harmful viruses. We assure you a complete safety with it unless you forget to sanitize it regularly and replace it frequently.