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November 19, 2019

Having leather furniture and product is always a great pleasure. It gives us the feeling of being posh and stylish. But, it is a matter of sorrow that leather is one of the most vulnerable materials that gets damaged now and then. Such damages simply ruin the beauty of the entire product or furniture.

So, what might be the best repair solution to such damaged leather surface? Before you think of having a leather repair kit spending a lot, we would like to recommend you self-adhesive pvc leather patch. 

We know our fair words won’t affect your mind or decision so deeply. And therefore, today we will be showing you how self-adhesive pvc leather patch can be a wise choice for you. Here we go!

Benefits of using self-adhesive pvc leather patch

Wide application

The greatest benefit that pvc leather patch offers is a wide variety of applications. Yes, you can use the leather on many products like sofa, chair, jacket, bag, bike / scooter etc. 

Here, another citable point is that pvc leather is fixed able not only to leather but also to many other materials’ surface including faux, upholstery fabrics and vinyl. 

So, it doesn’t matter which material makes your product or furniture, you can apply pvc leather patch on it.

Available in multiple colors

Do you know what the worst thing is about the real leather patch? It’s the limitation of color. Although you can still get the original leather in color as well but the number is not as wide as that of pvc leather.

On the contrary, you can have pvc leather in any color to match the color of your damaged leather. This widens your scope of repairing the damaged part more artistically.

Availability of impressive designs

Although you may get original leather patch in a limited number of colors yet getting that with designer surface is quite impossible. This creates a big difference between pvc leather and the original one.

You can have pvc leather patch with designer surface. So, if your damaged leather product has a designer surface, the patch can match with that and releases you from awkward situation. 

Instant result

As we have mentioned ‘self-adhesive’ in our title so it means that such leather patches get stick to the damaged part automatically. You don’t need to press it tight or apply hot iron on it. 

In short, you have nothing to do after fixing the patch softly to the damaged area. You just wait for a couple of minutes to see the magic. 

Resistant to many things

There is a hearsay that pvc leather patch isn’t as good as that of the original leather and is easily frangible. Believe us the fact isn’t like that as it is spread.

We’re quite sure that you will be surprised to experience the resistance level of most of the pvc leather patches. For example, the patch can be resistant to sun, water and mold. 

But, yes, it is true that for having such pvc leather patches, you must go for good brands. 


One of the greatest benefits of applying patches of pvc leather instead of the original is savings of a handsome amount. And, if you’re going for a leather repair kit then be sure of getting empty pocket soon.


Final words 

A proverb goes “faults are thick where love is thin” that’s to say haters will keep hating and speaking ill of self-adhesive pvc leather patch. But, the important fact is you mustn’t be affected by such rumors unwisely. Instead, you should adopt this type of patch at least once to reach the final judgment.