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July 06, 2020

The filter of a Kn95 mask fights back 95% harmful viruses and other germs to ensure your health safety. Ineffectiveness of such a vital part can be highly deadly for you. Therefore, you must be aware of the filter’s effectiveness. The moment, you experience it to be less or no effective, discard the mask at once.Now, the question is -

How long do Kn95 filters last?

See, there is no fixed period of usage of a mask filter just like your confectionary food. Instead, there are certain symptoms that refer to the complete death of the filter. And, today, this write up will be presenting you with those symptoms to help you remain safe amid this ominous hour of Covid-19. 


Inhaling and exhaling complexity

A Kn95 mask is basically more comfortable than an n95 mask as far the matter of inhaling or exhaling is concerned. It means when you wear a Kn95 mask, you can exhale and inhale far more easily. 

But, a time will come when you will start facing a bit of complexity while exhaling and inhaling. And, with the passage of time, the resistance of inhalation and exhalation will keep increasing. This complexity actually arises from the filter of the mask that has been clogged over the time. Therefore, very little space is left for your exhalation and inhalation.   


A Kn95 mask being manufactured with PP nonwoven, PP nonwoven, activated carbon layer, soft cotton and melt blown filter is almost leak-proof. According to the researchers, its leakage rate is less than 1% and it’s all okay for you. 

But, at a certain time of your use, the leakage will appear as a great problem. At such a point of time, you are left with no other alternative to replacing the mask. 

Whenever you start experiencing any of the mentioned problems, you must take the filter to be dead. Don’t dare to use the mask anymore. Otherwise, you might have to regret a lot for your own indifference.


You are strictly forbidden to do any of the following with your mask with a view to sanitizing it or its filter specifically to prolong the effectiveness. 

  • Saturating the mask with liquid alcohol or aerosol 
  • Washing using soap solution

Studies show that disinfecting attempts with any of the methods may sanitize the mask or its filter slightly but causes life-threatening damage to the filter. Most importantly, using ethanol spray for the sanitization brings down the effectiveness of the filter to a great extent. 

Final words

There is no direct answer to the question - how long do Kn95 filters last. Basically, you have to be aware of your mask’s filter performance. And, as soon as our mentioned symptoms start appearing, discard the mask taking the filter to be dead. In the end, we suggest you to sanitize the mask regularly following the researchers’ recommended ways to ensure further safety.