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July 06, 2020

In this pandemic of Covid-19, one of the most asked questions is - how many times I can wear a Kn95 mask. We, to be honest, are at the end of our rope in replying to the questioner through the inbox. So, in the end, we have decided to write something in detail on this topic.

In case you are one of the questioners, we believe that our write up will give you a good sense regarding the using timetable of a Kn95 mask. So, stick to us till the end to ensure your own mask safety. 

How Many Times Can You Wear a Kn95 Mask?

See, there is basically no fixed time for wearing a Kn95 mask. Then, how will I understand if the mask has lost the usability? For this, you are to consider a number of things that you will experience while using the mask. The things to be considered follow below in detail for you.  

Dirt level

Is there a layer of dirt all over the outer portion of your mask? It is actually a sign of replacement. 

Can’t I wash the mask using soap and water solution? We strictly forbid you to do so for reusing the mask. Keep in mind that a single water soap solution wash destroys the filter medium material of the mask. Eventually, your Kn95 mask loses its capability of fighting against the germs. 

Inhaling and exhaling complexity

A Kn95 mask is basically more comfortable than an n95 mask as far the matter of inhaling or exhaling is concerned. It means when you wear a Kn95 mask, you can exhale and inhale far more easily. 

But, a time will come when you will start facing a bit of complexity while exhaling and inhaling. And, with the passage of time, the resistance of inhalation and exhalation will keep increasing. This complexity actually arises from the filter of the mask that has been clogged over the time. Therefore, very little space is left for your exhalation and inhalation.   


A Kn95 mask being manufactured with PP nonwoven, PP nonwoven, activated carbon layer, soft cotton and melt blown filter is almost leak-proof. According to the researchers, its leakage rate is less than 1% and it’s all okay for you. 

But, at a certain time of your use, the leakage will appear as a great problem. At such a point of time, you are left with no other alternative to replacing the mask. 


Unlike an N95 mask, a Kn95 mask features a pair of ear loops for hooking to your ears. The tighter the loops are, the tougher fit you get. The tougher the fit, the less the possibility of germs and dirt gets to be in touch with your nose. 

In simple words, tightness is a vital thing about which you must be concerned about. However, whenever you feel like the loops of your Kn95 mask are too much elastic, this is the time to replace the mask.

Final words

To sum up, the time till which you can use a Kn95 mask can never be fixed by any researcher of the world. It’s only you who can decide the perfect moment to replace the mask with the experience of the suggested issues.