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June 02, 2020

In this pandemic of Covid-19, the importance of a n95 mask is beggar descriptive, constantly saving you from the unseen germs of Covid-19. But, do you know how this mask actually works for you? 

If you’re unaware but full of passion for learning then this write up is only for you. Yes, in the following section, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of a n95 mask. Let’s begin!

N95 mask explained 

Fits closely

The first and foremost thing that makes the primary difference between a n95 and an ordinary mask is fitting. A n95 mask makes it sure that its edges are very close to your face so that not a millimeter of space is left. In short, the edges are specially formed to create a seal around your mouth and nose. 

This fit assures you of no entry of regular harmful particles to Covid-19 germs.

Kills 95% germ 

Do you know why there is a number - 95 in the name of the mask? No, the number hasn’t been adopted just like that rather has a great significance. And, that is the germ-killing efficiency of the mask.

This number means that the mask is highly capable of fighting against the airborne germs and killing those by 95%, which is a satisfactory percentage.

Filters out pollutants

In opinion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shortly known as CDC, the filter of a n95 mask is efficient in fighting against the airborne pollutants like dust, fume and mist. The filter creates a tough barrier for these contaminants so that taking an entry through the mask and coming closer to your nose and eyes become impossible.

Most exciting fact is that the filter can clog pollutants of 0.3 microns as well, which is a great safety for you.

Reduces exhalation resistance

The CDC has given a clear-cut opinion about the necessity of the valve that is contained in some of the disposable n95 masks. The responsibility of the valve is simply laudatory. It actually decreases the exhalation resistance so that you can breathe far easily. 


  • Just like the number - 95, the letter -N in the beginning of the mask’s name has a significance. Here, ‘n’ stands for non-oil. This refers to the fact that you can use a n95 mask only if your surroundings are free from oily particles.
  • Are you a chronic patient of cardiac, respiratory or any medical condition for which your breathing becomes difficult? Then, consult your doctor before you start using a n95 mask because the mask will give you more discomfort in terms of breathing.
  • Avoid using the exhalation valve after you sterilize the mask
  • Is your mask soiled or damaged enough to create breathing difficult? Then, discard the mask at once and replace it with a new performative one.  

Final words

In the end, our recommendation to you would be - stay home as long as possible. And, whenever going out wear your n95 mask to reduce the risk of your life and near and dear.