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October 22, 2021

How to authenticate a ledger wallet should be the first thing to learn for you if you’re planning to have a ledger developed wallet to secure your crypto currency.

With the acquisition of this simple knowledge your identification of the real device becomes far easier thus you get more confidence in investment.

Grasping the gravity of the situation, today we present you with the 4 official methods of authenticating a ledger wallet. Stick to us till the end to make your investment more secure.

How to authenticate a ledger wallet?

At the end of the authentication method, we will be sharing with you the ultimate tips to be considered and the resetting techniques of a used ledger device. 

Let’s begin!

Method 1: Checking the contents of the box

The first and the foremost step is to look into the contents that the ledger box carries to you. You must make sure that the box doesn’t miss any of the following:

  • The device
  • Ledger Nano stickers
  • Keychain
  • Type-C cable
  • Five cards of paper inside an envelope. One of the cards will be Getting Started Leaflet while another will be advice regarding proper use and care, and a statement about regulation. The remaining three cards must be blank to be usable as recovery sheets.

Most importantly, you get all the things well-packed inside a Ledger developed cardboard box and a sleeve.

Method 2: Recovery phrase and sheets

Three of the card sheets will be for recovery purposes, can you remember from the very 1st method?

Again remember that the sheets must come to you blank and you will fill with the 24 recovery phrases. Where will you get the phrases? You will be supplied with them while setting up your nano s or x. 

Keep in mind that an authentic ledger device will never allow you to choose the words after your mind. Instead, the 24 phrases will be built-in that you can never modify.

So, if your ledger wallet doesn’t offer you 24 recovery words while being set up or the recovery sheets come filled up with the phrases, discard the device at once. It’s a trap to embezzle your digital assets.

Method 3: Factory settings

A ledger wallet that is genuine comes to you with the settings as provided by the official developers. Therefore, be aware that your nano x or s shows you the followings as you open it for the very first time:

As soon as you release the power button, a message greeting you with “Welcome to Ledger Nano X/S” should be on the screen.

You will be asked to produce a PIN code of your own either of 4 digits or 8. Keep in mind that you will be given no hint for PIN creation let alone a readymade password.

Method 4: Use with Ledger app

Every Ledger offline wallet is manufactured with a secret key. Without it the device can never be connected with the official application of Ledger.

Most interestingly, it is not possible for anyone to reach the key and modify that after one’s mind. Only the Ledger application can sense whether the key is original or not.

So, if your wallet doesn’t get connected to the Ledger Live App in any way, be confirmed that it’s a fabricated one.

Tips to be remembered

  • Always buy the Ledger Nano wallet from the official store or site, not from the resellers.
  • You can’t afford a Nano X for less than $119 and a Nano S for less than $59. So, any kind of discount upon the price is suspicious.
  • If you end up buying a ledger device from a reseller, authenticate it in our recommended ways. And, most importantly, you must reset the device before you start using it officially.

How to reset a used ledger device?

Whether it’s a second-hand Ledger Nano S or X, you can reset that in any of the two following methods:

Method 1: From the settings 

  • Connect the wallet to the your computer using the supplied cable 
  • When the device is powered and the screen lights up, enter the pass code
  • Press both buttons simultaneously. This will confirm the authenticity of the password

Now, do the following:

  • Visit the “Settings” option where you will find “Device” option
  • From this segment find out the “Reset all” option. Tap it and confirm 
  • Allow a few seconds so that the device can be completely fresh for you

Method 2: Inserting wrong password

Method 2 actually starts from the moment of the screen’s lighting up. Instead of inputting the correct password, you should enter a fancied pass code and confirm it.

Although the device will ask you to enter the correct one next time, don’t listen to it. Keep entering the wrong one for another two times.

At the moment you confirm the wrong PIN code for the third time, the wallet will take a reset by default.


Users of Ledger wallet often searches for the following questions:

Are there fake ledger nan wallets?

Ans. Although less in number yet there are fake ledger wallets

Did the ledger get hacked?

Ans. There is one such unfortunate event. However, the loss was minimal as the scammers could steal only the personal data of the users.

Is ledger safer than coinbase?

Ans.No doubt, coinbase is a good device yet ledger is far ahead of it in terms of security features 

Is ledger a cold wallet?

Ans. Yes, it is a cold storage hardware device

Is it easy to cash out my currency in USD from Ledger?

Ans. There are multiple provisions for your cash out with ledger wallets 

Final words

In the end, it is strongly advisable for you to learn how to authenticate a ledger wallet  well. Who can guarantee that the device you have just purchased with interminable trust isn’t a replica? Why to risk your investment while you can secure that by following a few simple methods?