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May 12, 2020

A cleaner of leather furniture plays a vital role in restoring the lost color and shininess of the leather surface. But, the outcome will not be satisfactory if you make the purchase of any random cleaner without considering a number of criteria. 

So, what are those criteria? We will discuss those in detail throughout the write up below. If you are a leather furniture user, it is obligatory for you to scan the criteria properly.

How to choose cleaner for leather furniture?

Leather type

The first and foremost thing that you must consider the most is - the identification of the type of the leather your furniture features. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of this crucial fact, thus buy any random cleaner and end up being disheartened. 

Remember that Aniline, Semi-aniline and Pigmented Leather each contain a unique innate structure. Thus everyone reacts to a particular cleaner in an individual way. 

Once you identify your leather type by touching its surface or watering dropping test, go to the shop and ask for the particular conditioner.


Chemical mixture might be able to fix your leather condition magically but it brings a long time negative effect. Do you know what the harsh-chemical can do to your leather? 

It primarily amazes you with a glittering result. But, the thing that you cannot see is - the gradual deterioration of the structural fibers. Then, the weakening of it and eventually the premature wearing out that you exactly see and just can’t figure out any relatable reason. This is how a piece of leather that could serve you for 20 - 25 years, ended up lasting only for 3 - 5 years. 

So, how will you be able to figure out the presence of chemicals? You will learn it in the following section.

Do an instant test

Finalizing the purchase of such an important thing must not be made without doing a test. So, how will you do that is the main concern, right? Don’t worry, just follow our instructions.

When the identification of your leather type is done, collect a piece of the same type of leather. If it’s already worn out, it’s good. But, if it’s not, try to wear it out in any way. Take the piece with you to the shop. Apply a little volume of the cleaner on that piece. 

Does any nose or eye irritating smell or texture come from it? Then, it’s chemical mixed. Discard the cleaner at once. Otherwise, take some time to have the cleaner dried up naturally. Is it withered now? Look over the outcome!  


  • Don’t place the leather furniture in a place where the direct sunlight reaches 
  • Clean the surface on regular basis
  • Keep sharp tools away from the furniture
  • Never try to dry up the cleaner artificially

Final words

To sum up, choosing the leather conditioner might seem to be a trifling issue if you have no idea of leather and its relation to conditioner. But, as you’re now aware of it, don’t be haste in making the right choice. Otherwise, none but you will be responsible for the premature wearing out.