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December 03, 2019

The leather craft tools are excessively helpful in shaping leather in a brilliant way to end up creating unique looking leather products like belt, bag, jacket and so on. But, if you aren’t experienced enough to make the purchase of quality tools, your creative attempt will end in smoke. 

So, what should you do? How can you buy the best ever tools? 

How to Choose the Leather Craft Tools for You

We thought over these for many weeks and found that there are some vital facts that you must consider while buying your craft tools. Listing those facts together, today we dedicate this write up to you under the title - how to choose the leather craft tools for you.   

Talented Cutter

The cutter mustn’t only be flexible with leather but also with fabric, vinyl and paper because you never know what you may need to cut with it while creative design is on. 

Then, you must be able to cut freehold curves and straight lines with it. 

Besides, you should first look for such a cutter whose blade is made of Tungsten steel. This material is superb in preserving sharpness and tough enough to serve you for a longer period.

Sharp beveller

Without a sharp beveller you can’t simply imagine a fabulous looking round shape leather piece. Its point should contain stainless steel to offer you a mesmerizing performance. 

Superb knife

In case of knife, at first, we would like to seek your focus on the knife type whose blade is interchangeable. This design enables you to continue work with another sharp blade without halting the process to undergo the time-killing sharpening process.

Besides, the knife blade must be sharp enough to help you get the necessary depth very shortly. 

Moreover, make sure that the knife handle is sufficiently comfortable and you can use it at a stretch.

Multi-sized hole-punch tool

Remember that while dealing with leather, you may need to create holes of different sizes. In that case, you will have nothing to do if your hole-punch tool is mono-sized.  

Therefore, make sure that your tool has the capability of creating hole of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm.  

In addition, just like the handle of the knife, its handle must also be comfortable. Otherwise, you may feel disgusted to fit it to your hand for pushing inside leather.

Bonded nylon thread

Yes, you read that right. We’re referring to bonded nylon thread, not pure cotton thread because it’s not necessary that only pure cotton thread will fit to everything.

However, if you want to sew your leather most comfortably and expect a long durability then there is hardly any alternative to this thread type.

Subtle and tough awl

There is no doubt that awl is an inseparable part of the leather craft tools. Before you finalize any awl, be sure that its tip is super subtle and sharp. This will help you pierce layers of leather without ruining the beauty of the adjacent part. 

Moreover, the awl should be tough enough not to be broken easily.     

Final words

To sum up, whatever tool you buy be sure that it is sharp, subtle and tough. And if your tool features a handle make sure that it’s comfortable to hold at a stretch. Besides all of these, we recommend you to have quality finger guards to continue the creative task securely.