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July 07, 2019

There is no doubt that leather sofa has been another name of fashion and aristocracy for many years. The fancy people always prefer leather made sofa to other for the decoration of their house and office. And day by day, the demand of this type of sofa is going high significantly. 

Considering the rising demand, we thought it would be better to present you with a complete guideline regarding how to choose a perfect leather sofa. The more you ignore the criteria of our guideline, the greater probability is that you will end up buying low-quality leather sofa. So, kindly keep following us till the end!

Decide the leathertype wisely

There are a number of leather types and among these pigmented, aniline, and semi-aniline are the mostly used type of leather for manufacturing leather sofa. Now, the question is which type of leather you should choose.

Well, actually all the three types are okay, but then you must know each one’s distinctive traits. For example, pigmented leather has the maximum durability and its surface is highly resistant to scuffing, fading, and soiling. On the other hand, aniline leather gives you the most natural looking but it is comparatively less soiling resistant. At last, semi-aniline offers you a natural looking with more durability than that of aniline. 

Now, the decision is up to you which one you want to pick for you. Basically, we recommend you to choose any one of these three leather types. But don’t go outside of these three then you may have to regret your decision.

Choose the perfect cushion

For sofa cushion, three elements are mostly used: foam, feathers, and polyester thus recommended by us. Why these three only? Well, to know the detail kindly follow below:

Foam is the most expensive cushion filling that comes to you as high density or low density or memory foam. High density foam offers you an excellent couch cushion although few users find it to be a bit harder. On the contrary, low density foam offers you comparatively softer essence although degrades a bit quickly. And finally memory foam conforms to your physique thus it’s perfect for you if you have been a patient of joint or muscle pain.

Then, feathers are the cheapest cushion filling that at the same time gives you the softest feeling. But, the problem is- feathers never dry properly if comes to touch of water in any way.

Besides, polyester can also be an ideal choice for you that is quite inexpensive but flattens out easily. This is why we suggest you to go for faux-down polyester as it is the most long-going type of polyester. 

Check the stitches

This is the final criterion of our guideline. In this criterion, we would like to suggest that you should not ignore the stitches of your chosen leather sofa. Instead, you must look into the density of the stitches and the quality of the thread used for stitches. 

Remember that the more density the stitches contain, the better it is for you. Besides, the more the thread is quality full, the greater it would be for your rough use.

Final words

Like every other thing, buying a perfect leather sofa is a task of great responsibility that requires your sound knowledge about leather, cushion, and stitches. But, when you are with our guideline, you don’t need to take the extra hassle of being learned in the mentioned areas. Just remember our criteria, go to the shop, and buy accordingly. We guarantee you will take pride in you!