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November 01, 2021

If you are a crypto investor with a vision of buying cheap and selling high then for you Songbird is going to be an ideal token. With the backing of a robust network system and protocol, the token has already been able to grab the focus of many giant investors.

Finding the token to be steadily promising, today we will be sharing with you how to claim and use Songbird on a ledger wallet.

Stick to us till the end to learn the detailed operation of this emerging digital token meticulously.


Before you get started with the main process, be sure of the following:

  • Installation of the updated Ledger Live firmware
  • Installation of the updated edition of Ledger Ethereum
  • Installation of the updated edition of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Installation of the MetaMask Browser extension

Once you are ready with the mentioned apps and things, it is time to act properly as instructed in the later segments.

Installation of the Songbird app

Do install the app following our guideline consecutively:

  • Connect your Ledger wallet to that computer or laptop on which you will navigate the Ledger Live app. Unlock the device.
  • From the left panel of the Ledger live screen, you will be choosing the Manager option. The wallet will instantly ask your permission to let it allow Manager to operate in it. 

Give the permission by hitting both buttons at a time.

You will instantly be taken to a new screen of Ledger live named App Catalogue. From the list of the apps, locate your one, we mean Songbird.

  • Got the right app? Well, now hit the down-going arrow button that is just on the right of the app title. 
  • Wait for a couple of seconds until you can see the app on the screen of the ledger wallet and the dashboard of ledger live.

Use of the Songbird app

To access the installed app, you will need the MetaMask browser extension that we already have told you about earlier. However, with the extension you can use the app in the following way:

  • First of all, open the browser extension and find Network Dropdown. From there hit the Custom RPC option.
  • As soon as you click on this particular option, you will be in need of entering the followings one-by-one:
  • Is your Ledger device still connected to the PC or laptop? If not, then get it connected like before and then unlock the wallet.
  • Navigate the device to reach the Songbird app and open it. Click on your Account Image and then activate the Ledger Live in this way: 

Settings > Advanced > Use Ledger Live

  • Again, click on the account image and go for the option - Connect Hardware Wallet. Choose Ledger and proceed by pressing Continue 
  • In the final step, click on your account and hit the Unlock button

How to send/receive SGB?

After the last step of the immediate previous segment, you can check the Songbird balance and send or receive Songbird.

To check the balance, simply navigate to the Overview section.

To receive SGB from anyone, simply copy the account address and send it to the sender.

To send SGB, you will have to invest some time and patience simultaneously. This is how you can make the transfer a success:

  • Click on the Send option and in the box of the recipient enter or paste the address as shared by the receiver. 
  • After that, enter the amount that you will be sending. Check the balance a few times before you proceed. Hit the Next option. 
  • Give MetaMask the permission to open Ledger Live and the device bridge. On the screen, you will be shown the steps either to proceed on or to reject. Following the guideline infallibly, you can make the transaction successfully.


Below we have attached a series of Songbird related questions to quench your thirst in a broader way:

What is Songbird crypto?

Ans. It is an operational blockchain network

Is it secure for me?

Ans. To offer you extended security, it operates on 2 exclusive protocols - F-Assets and FTSO

What is the present worth of Songbird against USD?

Ans. 1 SGB values $0.584736

Final words

To conclude, with the knowledge of how to claim and use Songbird on a ledger wallet, you can remain updated with one of the promising digital currencies of today and tomorrow. Remember that the currency has already created a buzz among the crypto investors and it is possible that it will soon have sky-touching value and popularity.