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April 22, 2019

Leather sofas bring a touch of clash and lavishness to the living room of a home. However, they are expensive and their maintenance surely is tricky and you will be needing some knowledge about how to that. The maintenance of leather couches cannot be done by just the normal tradition of wiping the surface with a wet cloth. Also use of harmful cleaning chemical such as bleach or ammonia containing chemicals can result in your leather to wear out and also the shine of the leather to fade.

For taking care of your beautiful leather couches you will need to know and follow some essential steps that we have written below in these article.

Step 1: Remove dust particles: To begin with cleaning remove dust particles from the sofa by using a vacuum cleaner. Be sure that the cleaner has sucked out all the dust particles from corners of the leather. As the dust particle will damage the leather if it comes in contact with the cleaning solution because dust particle tends to act like abrasive when in contact with moisture.

Step 2: Preparing a solution: If you did not purchase any sort of leather cleaning solution, there is no need of sweating out. Just create one! Mix equal amount of white vinegar and water together to form a cleaning solution for your leather. An alternative way is to mix some drops of leather cleaning solution to water.

Step 3: Use a cloth: Take a soft cloth and then dip it into the solution that you have prepared. Don’t make it too wet, just make it damp which will give you proper cleaning effect.

Step 4: Wiping the sofa: Using the cloth that you have damped. Wipe the leather of the sofa and also clean the edges. Clan the sofa from top to bottom. Rinse your cloth in the cleaning solution when necessary. And drain out excess water to make sure your cloth is damp and not wet.

Step 5: Dry the leather of the sofa: Using a clean dry towel, wipe over the whole sofa, so that the moisture gets soaked in. Be careful of not using a hair dryer, that will cause the leather to be looking dry and dehydrated.

Step 6: Conditioning: Condition your sofa to bring back liveliness of it land make it look good as new. To do so, mix a certain amount of white vinegar with two time of the amount of linseed oil or flax oil. And then using a soft clean, apply this mixture to the leather of the sofa in circular motions, and leave this conditioning solution on for overnight.

Step 7: Buffing: Using a clean rag restore the shine of the sofa by buffing.

Final Verdicts:

To conclude, before you begin with following all the steps on the entire sofa. We suggest you to try following the steps on the small portion of the leather first. This is to make sure if you are following the steps in the correct way or not. Lastly, we hope that this guide has helped you understand regarding what you should be doing to bring back shine of your sofa like before.