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November 03, 2019

A leather purse tends to accumulate a large amount of debris, as it can be a convenient place to put your litter when there isn’t a trash can handy. You can easily clear your leather purse of dirt and debris and get rid of any lingering odors. 

Step 1

Empty the purse of everything. Leave the smaller pockets open.

Step 2

Turn the purse upside down over the trash and shake vigorously. This should remove most of the larger pieces of debris, crumbs, etc.

Step 3

If the purse is big enough, vacuum it.

Step 4

Turn the purse inside out and pull the lining away from the leather, if you can. The more you can separate the lining from the leather, the better.

Step 5

Hang the purse upside-down over a sink and hand wash the lining.

Step 6

Let the purse dry completely, then replace the lining.

Step 7

Place a few charcoal briquettes in the purse for about a week to remove odors. Wrap them loosely in paper towels to prevent charcoal dust from getting into the purse.