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April 30, 2020

A good cleaning of leather furniture is not a child playing. Instead it’s a job of great responsibility as leather is prone to be damaged very easily. That’s why you must be careful of each and every thing you use and of every step to clean.

How to Clean Leather Furniture Easily

To ease your cleaning with a satisfactory experience, here we present you with a detail of how to clean leather furniture easily. Through the writing you will get a vivid depiction of normal, inked, food stain and greased cleaning of leather furniture.

Normal cleaning

Required tools

  • Saddle soap
  • Water
  • Soft cloth
  • Leather cream


  • Get a vase of lukewarm water and mix a sufficient amount of saddle soap with it. In case, you don’t know what saddle soap is - it’s a soap specially made for leather cleaning. 
  • Have the soft cloth piece and dip it into the water vase well. Squeeze the cloth well to get it rid of extra liquid. 
  • Mop the leather surface with the cloth piece. Don’t leave a millimeter untouched. 
  • Mopping done? Then, let the leather dry up naturally. Don’t be haste in drying it up externally either by scorching sunlight or an electric dryer. This may cause further irrecoverable damage to the leather. 
  • Is the surface completely dry? Then, take out some leather cream and apply all over the leather surface. This will rejuvenate the surface thus it will look more attractive. 

Ink cleaning

To clean up the mark of ink from your leather surface you must have the following tools and must follow the steps given below.

Required tools

  • Cotton swab
  • Clean rag piece
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Leather conditioner


  • Use the clean rag piece to mop the inked part to make sure that no dust particle is there. If necessary, you can get the cloth wet with fresh water and mop that inked part. In that case, you must wait some time to let the surface dry up naturally.
  • Have a cotton swab, dip it into rubbing alcohol or pour some alcohol over it. Rub the inked area with this cotton swab. Keep rubbing gently until you find the surface to be ink-free.
  • When the ink mark is gone, wait for some time to get the surface dried up. 
  • Now, it’s time to apply some leather conditioner all over the dried area. 

Food stain cleaning

Required tools

  • Clean rag piece
  • Talcum powder or cornstarch or flour
  • Leather conditioner


  • Try to blot the stain instantly using a clean rag piece. Then, sprinkle the portion with any of the following things based on availability: talcum powder or cornstarch or flour.
  • Wait for quite a long duration. If the stain is still visible, you have to apply some volume of leather conditioner all over the stain. This should work as a magic.

Greased cleaning

  • For cleaning the grease stain, you are left with only one way. And that’s - applying any trusted leather degreaser. 

Final words

In the end, we warn you of the probable danger of cleaning your leather furniture in your own way ignoring the tools and steps recommended by us, which are basically the recommendation of the leather experts.