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January 01, 2020

Will it be wrong in saying that Aniline leather is one of the best for leather cover? Do you dare challenge us? We are quite sure that you won’t if you are familiar with this leather type or have been a user of it. 

Aniline is generally considered one of the most luxurious leathers for sofa cover while to a great many users it’s the best. To have the luxurious look, the leather undergoes a little treatment. And to hold the treatment so that the look always remains the same, there is no alternative for you to clean it methodically. 

How to Clean & Restore Aniline Leather

If you fail to clean appropriately and cause permanent damage to the leather, you have only one option left - restoration. Combining the two - cleaning and restoration of Aniline leather, today we dedicate this article to you. Hope, you will have a lot to learn below.

Cleaning and restoration of Aniline leather 

Necessary tools

  • Liquid cleaner
  • A foaming bottle
  • A Tampico brush
  • Grease removal cream


Step 1: Pour the liquid cleaner into a foaming bottle and shut the bottle’s lid. The liquid will turn into foam. 

Why foam, not liquid?

Well, see, Aniline is a leather type that can absorb liquid into it. This may or will cause further damage to your sofa or couch. But, when you adopt foam, it cannot percolate into the leather surface. This is why you also get more time to clean the leather surface without any anxiety.

Step 2: You must know that Aniline is an unprotected leather type. So, dirt never keeps sitting on its surface only rather gets inside the notches. 

Here, comes the Tampico brush to your assistance. It is not like a rag piece or sponge that absorbs dirt only from the surface area. Instead, the brush can reach notches, loose the dirt particles and clean those away. 

So, what you need to do is just apply a bit of foam all over the brush and scrub it all over the leather surface. 

Step 3: Keep cleaning for two to three times at least to see a noticeable difference. Don’t continue the cleaning phases at a stretch. Instead, take a break of 10 minutes at least between every cleaning. 

Step 4: Once you feel like the leather surface has got back its new shining look, it’s time for grease removal. Take a sponge and apply the grease cream over it. Rub the sponge smoothly on those parts only where there are dark marks. 

Keep rubbing until the marks are vanished completely. 


  • Avoid applying liquid cleaner 
  • Don’t adopt a rag piece or sponge for cleaning
  • Make sure that the cleaner and foam are of good quality

Final words

So, this is how you can clean and restore your Aniline leather. Although, there are many more processes of accomplishing this yet the above discussed one is considered the easiest and highly effective. So, we think it is better for you to be with the majority, isn’t it?