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March 03, 2020

It doesn't matter which brand of vapormax you use, if you use it with regular cleaning, it won’t only look shiny but also last longer unexpectedly. Although, many vapormax users try to keep their shoe clean always yet most of them don’t know the right way. Therefore, today, in this article, you will be learning how to clean vapormax properly for satisfactory look and long-time service.

Tools required for clean Vapormax  

  • Dye free cleaner
  • Brush with both soft and hard bristles
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber towel
  • Alcohol and dye free detergent  

Step 1:

First, remove the shoe laces. Keep those aside for cleaning later. Remember that you can’t clean any shoe let alone vapormax keeping laces unremoved. And, also remember that starting the cleaning with laces is not a good idea. 

However, you must have got a shoe tree, haven’t you? If unfortunately you don’t have it, we recommend you to get it from any shoe store because without it cleaning becomes uncomfortable. 

Now, insert the shoe tree into the vapormax. Be sure that you will now have a tougher surface to clean your vapormax that’s much needed.  

Step 2:

Take a bottle of dye free and all-natural cleaner. Pour a little volume of the cleaner down into a bowl of warm water.  

In this step, you must make sure that the cleaner isn’t going to stain your favouritevapormax. Therefore, before you apply it to your vapormax, apply a little amount of it to anything else. 

Step 3:

Mix water and cleaner using a piece of brush. Keep stirring the solution lightly as long as a perfect mixture shows up.  

Keep in mind that the bristles of the brush must be soft. 

Step 4:

Is the mixture ready? Well, apply it all over the upper part of your vapormax using a brush of soft bristles. Do the application adopting circular motion.  

Step 5:

Once you have applied the solution with soft bristles brush, it’s time to move on. Take a brush of comparatively stiff bristles. Brush the entire upper surface with. The stiff bristles will kick out the stubborn stains. 

Step 6:

Still there is stain on the vapormax surface? Well, nothing to be concerned at all. Take a towel made of microfiber. Dip any corner of it into the solution and mop the stain parts with the soak corner.  

Step 7:

So, by these steps, you must have got your vapormax surface shiny. Now, it’s time to deal with the shoe sole. To clean it properly, we recommend you to have a brush of the toughest bristle.  

Dip the brush into the solution and rub it hard all over the sole until you’re satisfied with the cleaning. 

Step 8:

Dip the laces into the solution and rub them well with your hands. 

Step 9:

If your vapormax is knitted then you are to follow this step, otherwise not.  

Place the vapormax pair into a laundry bag. Place the entire pack into a top-load washer to clean the Off-White’s in cold water using alcohol and dye-free detergent with a normal cycle. 

Step 10:

Let the vapormax dry up naturally. Avoid using a dryer for faster drying up. 

Final words 

So, this is how you can clean your vapormax in your home environment for a low cost. The method is surely going to amaze you only if your detergent, cleaner and brush are of good quality.