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June 21, 2020

In this cursed year of Covid-19 when the shortage of n95 mask, which is highly capable of fighting against the germs of Corona, is evident in almost all the countries especially in the developing ones. 

Amid such a situation, you can neither have a new one easily nor can you use the old one repeatedly. The only solution left for you is - disinfecting the used n95 mask. But, doing it, is not as easy as washing your clothes. Instead, the disinfection process is a bit different and complex for which a sound knowledge of disinfection is a must.

Therefore, to help you, today in this article, we will be introducing you to the most discussed topic of the current time - how to disinfect n95 mask at home. 

How to disinfect n95 mask at home 

The methods of disinfecting an n95 mask below are not invented by us. Instead, these are the techniques already adopted by different groups of researchers and hospitals. Hence, we assure of the best output only if you don’t violate any of the instructions. Here we go!

  • VHP

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide shortly known as VHP has been a proven means of n95 mask disinfection since the outbreak of Coronavirus. The researchers of Duke Health have already referred to this method to be a sound one. 

The researchers have experienced that Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide is highly able to permeate the layers of the mask and kill the Covid-19 germs. They have also stated that using vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide doesn’t cause any type of deterioration to the mask. 

  • Heat

Here comes a natural method of disinfecting a n95 mask. This method has been popularized by the researchers of the University of Tennessee. Making an experiment with heat they have got immense success. 

According to their research, 70C for 30 minutes at a stretch is highly capable of disinfecting n95 masks thoroughly. 

If you are concerned about the filtration system of the mask then for your kind information, the system performs the same after the disinfection process.

  • UV radiation

This is another cost-effective n95 mask disinfection method. The method besides being cost-effective is promising as well. As per the reports, many hospitals have already adopted the method and found a high success rate. 

One vital thing that you must make sure while performing the method is the radiation must fall all over the mask properly with 260/285 nm. Otherwise, all your attempts will go in vain.


You are strictly discouraged to do any of the followings for disinfecting your n95 mask:

  • Saturating the mask with liquid alcohol or aerosol 
  • Washing using soap solution

Remember that disinfection with any of the methods damages the filter of the mask. Again, using ethanol spray reduces the effectiveness of a Kn95 mask. 

Final words

So, these were all about the disinfection process of your n95 mask. We strongly forbid you to go out of our suggested disinfection methods because no other method is still in use rather than these three.