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October 30, 2018

To make your drawing room lavish the first thing that you purchase is a leather couch. But a question that is always in our minds is how do we fix any wear and tear that occurs in our couches? Getting wear and tear can be because of different reasons and if you are a pet owner you will surely face scratches and holes! Sending a couch with a hole in it for repairing to a factory is both tiresome and cost ineffective. How about if you fix your couch by yourself? No worries, we got your back! We will be guiding you with steps regarding how you can fix large holes in leather couches. Holes in leather couches can happen because of different reasons. We will be guiding you with steps for these reasons individually, as the work differs from each other. The factors for which we will be providing guidelines include:

1. How to fix a large hole in the leather couch

2. How to fix large holes in leather couch created by dogs chewing

3. How to fix holes in leather couch caused by cat scratches

How to fix a large hole in leather coach:

Getting holes bored in leather couches are common as they start getting old. And if you have mischievous children around you, that bore their pencils on the couch, then finding holes is obvious! But with the easy steps that we have listed below you not need not to sweat out for it. They will surely guide you.

Step 1: Smoothen uneven edges around the hole with the help of sharp scissors. And remove any extra cotton or the stuffing that is seen outside.

Step 2: You will find leather fillers in stores which is an adhesive made up of the leather compound. Apply a layer of it inside the hole of the leather. To speed up drying use a hairdryer. Add another layer of filler on the dried one, also add filler around the edge of the torn area. All this extra amount of filler is required to increase stickiness.

Step 3: Use a sub-patch similar to the color of the leather. With pressure press the sub-patch over the hole. Firmly apply pressure around the edges for it to stick properly. Allow the adhesive to dry completely by leaving it for 1 hour or more.

Step 4: Use a cloth to dip its corner in the leather protector that is a liquid and can be found in stores. Swipe the cloth over the sub-patch and let it dry for an hour or more if required.

Step 5: Soak the cloth with leather color and then swipe over the sub-patch and the rest of the leather around for the color to not look unblended or patchy. Let the color to dry and don’t start using it immediately.

How to fix large holes in leather couch created by dogs chewing

Fixing a chewed couch can be tough. As when dogs chew they bite off some huge part of it, causing the formation of deep and large holes. Fixing couches that have been chewed away is much more complex than normal fixation of holes. But with little patience, you can do it by yourself without spending a huge

amount of money by purchasing a new couch. Just follow the steps listed below accordingly, and then you will be there happily enjoying the fruit of your hard work.

Step 1: To make the area of the bitten off part clean, spray a mixture of water and white vinegar. This assists in removing any stains of dog’s saliva. After spraying, wipe the area to make it look even more neat and clean.

Step 2: If the stuffing is not usable replacing it with fresh foam or cotton would be the best option. And if much damage has not been caused, just stuff it back if any stuffing has been pulled out while biting the couch off.

Step 3: Sew large holes and then stick a sub-patch of similar color to the leather to cover the stitches. For sticking sub-patch use a leather adhesive. And then paint over using leather color and make sure to blend properly as mentioned previously. To cover up the patches, even more, you may use decorative pillows to place over it.

Step 4: if you witness that the wood of the couch has been damaged you can easily repair it by adding sand to the damaged area. With the help of sandpaper smoothen the surface and then repaint the wood so that the bite marks are invisible.

How to fix holes in leather couch caused by cat scratches:

Cat owners know the struggle of witnessing scratches everywhere, that includes couches. If you see that the scratches are light, then just applying a leather coloring balm will do the job without any fuss. However, if you witness scratches that have been made by digging in nails and the leather has been ripped apart, repairing must be done. Repairing scratches is a bit complex but worth it and cost effective too. And definitely, our detail steps are here to assist you.

Step 1: Clean the area first by spraying a mixture of water and white vinegar. After cleaning, trim the area using sharp scissors to smoothen. Cut carefully by removing damaged fibers only. Do not cut off leather mistakenly.

Step 2: Apply leather binder by using a sponge to coat over the timed area. Apply 8 to 10 coats and make sure to let each coat dry before you apply next.

Step 3: Sand down the area by using a sandpaper after the leather binder has been applied.

Step 4: To fill in the holes made by the scratches make fill in with lather filler using a palette knife for smooth and even coating. Apply a number of coats until the holes are filled, and let each coat dry before you apply the next.

STEP 5: Apply colorant identical to the color of the leather initially with a cloth. And then apply 2nd coat using a spray to increase intensity. Apply as many times required and also apply on the leather for a perfect blend to avoid patchiness.

To conclude, fixing holes’ in leather couches by yourself not only saves expenses but also it keeps away the tension of how it is looking. Following the steps and having the right tools mentioned is all that you need. There will not be any chaos if all the steps are done patiently.