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December 01, 2018

Like humans age and get wrinkles on faces, it is obvious for cracks to appear on leather couches too if it gets old enough! Aren't these cracks annoying to look at as it kind of dulls the overall look of your drawing room? Also, do sending leather couches to repair center seems extremely pricey? Then, don't look anymore further! The solution to this problem can be solved by using your hands just by following some easy steps that we have listed below. The things that you will be needing for repairing is surely budget friendly and some of the things are already present in your home. You will just need to get yourself a good quality leather repair kit.

STEP 1: To begin the process of repairing cracks you must clean the area you wish to repair. This can be done easily by mixing a few drops of the dishwasher with water. Using this solution clean the surface of the leather using a cloth. After you are satisfied with the cleaning, use a dry cloth for the water to get soaked up. Wait for the moisture on the surface to dry.

STEP 2: Use rubbing alcohol to lightly wet a paper towel. This is needed to make sure there are no traces of soap or dishwasher remaining on the surface after it dries. After wiping with rubbing alcohol, let it dry once again.

STEP 3: With the assistance of palette knife, spread out leather compound on the area you wish to repair. For smooth application spread thin coats. And if you are not satisfied to apply 3 to 4 coats until you think it is enough. But make sure the spread of the leather compound is even.

STEP 4: Wet a thin cloth with alcohol. Make sure that the cloth is fully wet with alcohol as you need to smoothen out the leather compound further. As finding rough spots over the compound applied is definite. Also, you need to lightly sand the area using a sandpaper after application of alcohol.

STEP 5: Remove any residue of sand dust that remains. Now it is time for application of dye colorant. You need to apply the dye using a foam applicator. There will be a requirement of applying coats several times but you must allow the dye to dry after each coat. Applying coat is according to your satisfaction of color pay off. And of course, the dye colorant must match the color of your leather. Or you can easily customize by mixing dyes and by following the color chart.

STEP 6: Finish the repair work by using the leather conditioner and sealer available in your leather repair kit. Use these to seal away your repaired surface and the neighboring edges as well.

To end with, the amount of bucks that you will be saving by repairing cracks by yourself is unbeatable. The only money that you will need to spend is behind purchasing a leather repair kit. The cost of the kit is definitely way less than the cost required to buy a new couch or to send the couch to repair center.