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February 09, 2020

There is no doubt that a leather couch adds a new dimension to the beauty of your drawing room. But, it’s a bitter truth that the fact may reverse if the couch is peeled. It instead of increasing a room’s beauty destroys it very badly. In case, you also have got such a peeled couch then congratulations you’re at the right place. This article presents you with the easiest method of fixing your peeled leather couch at home environment and within your affordability. 

Tools required to fix peeled leather couch

  • Sharp razor blade
  • Putty knife
  • Soft leather filler
  • Leather paint
  • Damp sponge

Step 1: There must be flaking pieces all over the peeled area. So, what you need to do is to peel, scrap and cut away those using nails and razor blade. Make sure that you won’t end up causing additional damage to the couch surface. Just end up removing the dangling pieces of leather and thread.

Step 2: Take a putty knife and use it to apply some soft leather filler all over the peeled leather surface. Smear the filler all over the peeled zone properly. Smooth out the filler so that there is no imbalanced fillerlayer.

Step 3: Has the filler come out of the peeled area? In such a case, we recommend you to take a stiff paper piece for rubbing off the layer. 

Step 4: Let the filler dry up naturally. This process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Remember that when the drying up process is on, you can’t simply touch the filler layer. Moreover, it’s never wise to apply heat to the area to dry it up sooner. Yes, you can use cool fanning.

Step 5: Is the layer dried up? Well, then  it’s time to apply another coating of filler. Use that same putty knife to apply the filler. Again, be sure that filler doesn’t come out of the peeled area. Have patience to have the layer dry up.

Step 6: It’s time to add texture. Have a plastic wrap that is 30 cm in length. Wrap it well all around your dominant hand. Start pressing your palm against the filler applied area. Keep doing this until you feel like the texture of the leather matches that of the layer.

Step 7: Take a damp sponge and squeeze sufficient volume of leather paint over it. Mop the filler applied area with this sponge. Keep mopping the sponge until you feel like the color is matched with that of the real leather. 


  • While dealing with flaking pieces use your nails and razor with the utmost awareness
  • Don’t make the purchase of any type of filler instead of soft one
  • You can place the couch where there is sunlight. This will fast the filler drying process. But, it shouldn’t be scorching heat.

Final words

There are still many methods for fixing your peeled leather couch. But, none is going to be as easy and cheap. So, we recommend you to stick to this particular method that is the first choice of the millions.