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June 30, 2019

Have you got any leather made furniture in your house or accessories? Then, some time you may find ink stuck on the surface of the leather. It’s totally disgusting that may ruin your mood of using that furniture or accessory with the same feeling as before. 

So, what should you do in such a circumstance instead of replacing the inked object? The answer is simple- remove the ink! 

But, how to get ink out of leather? Well, there are many methods for this and being concerned for   you, today, in this article we will be sharing the most popular ones with you. Kindly have patience and passion enough to stay till the end for own learning.

Getting ink out of leather

Before you start following any of the methods, you must determine if your leather is finished. If it is, only then you can expect a satisfactory result from your attempt. But, if the leather is unfinished, we highly recommend you to consult any professional. So, how can you determine this?

Simply leave a drop of water on the leather. If the drop doesn’t vanish inside, congratulations, the leather is finished and you are allowed to fix it.  

If you are allowed to fix the ink issue, kindly adopt any of the following methods:

Apply isopropyl alcohol

Before youjump into this method, remember to use “70% concentrated isopropyl alcohol” only. So, at first, plunge a piece of cotton into the alcohol and rub the soaked cotton on the inked area. Another matter is that alcohol is able to dry the leather, so apply the mixture of conditioner and leather cleaner afterward. 

Use saddle soap

Besides cleaning leather, saddle soap also protects it. It’s basically a mixture of very mild soap and moisturizer like lanolin or glycerin. However, to treat your leather better and uplift its longevity, you can apply a little quantity of this soap on the inked area on a regular basis.

Rub a magic eraser

It’s one of the simplest methods of our list. To complete the method, you just need to soak the tip of the eraser and rub the soaked tip on the inked part. Although your task ends here yet we recommend applying some leatherconditioner on the area afterward. 

Apply nail-polish remover

Also, you can apply a little non-acetone based nail-polish remover, which is really another highly effective method.Firstly, wet the Q-tip with remover and rub it over the inked part. Finish the process with the application of a little of leather conditioner and cleaner. 

Use an ink-stick

Although most of the professionals use this method the most yet we have placed this at the end of our list as it’s a bit expensive one. But, the performance of this type of stick is highly satisfactory. 

Final words  

So, these were all from our part to help you remove ink from leather surface. Although there are many more methods besides these yet we strongly suggest you to adopt any of our listed because these are the mostly tested and appreciated methods worldwide.