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October 02, 2021

Apps are the first things on any device of Ledger series that you need to store a particular cryptocurrency. Realizing the beggar descriptive importance of them, today we will be showing you in detail how to install apps on Ledger Nano S properly and securely. 

With our guideline below, you, in no way, are led to leave your Ledger account vulnerable. 

Here we go!   

How many apps can be installed in Ledger Nano S? 

Unlike Ledger Nano X, the S series doesn’t have widespread storage for apps. It basically can house 6 apps depending on their size, which is a real drawback of the device. 

Although there has been a buzz for the last couple of years that it is possible to install 18 apps on Ledger S yet it’s not an official declaration. Even if you’re feverish to learn the technique, you may check out this video:

How to install more apps on Ledger Nano S? 

Installing apps on Ledger Nano S is far easier and quicker than the updated Nano S series. Here is how you can do the installation: 

Log in

Log in to the Ledger Live App from your desktop or laptop or smartphone. Make sure that you enter the correct password.

After your successful log in, you will be in the dashboard of ledger live with a number of options just on the left of your screen. From there, you are to go for the Manager option. Click on it.

Visit apps’ site

Upon choosing that particular option, a new screen will pop up with the title “Connect your device”.  From the three listed commands, select the last one that says Allow Ledger Manager on your device.

You will be taken to a new screen where there will be the installable apps listed for you. On the right of every app, you will have two options - install and uninstall. 

Install the app/s

However, locate your required app/s from the list. You may even search its name on the search bar to get it more easily and quickly. 

Have you got the app/s? Well, now simply click on the install option that is just right of it. Wait a few seconds as long as the dialog box saying the - installation is successful, appears.

You’re done! Check your Ledger Nano S; your installed app/s must be there for your service.

How to uninstall unnecessary apps from Ledger Nano S?


At the time of your installing the app/s, you may face an issue that is the app won’t take installation claiming the store is full. In that case, what you should do is to uninstall the unnecessary or the not used app/s. 

How can you do that?

Well, that’s simpler! What you need to do is to visit the Ledger Live App again. By entering the password, log in to it successfully.

After that, choose the Manager option from the dashboard of the left side. As you enter the option, there you will find your listed app/s. 

Just on the right of every app, a trash mark is available. That’s actually the uninstall button. Click on it and wait for a few seconds as long as you don’t see the message of successful uninstallation. 

What happens when I uninstall app/s from Ledger Nano S? 

While uninstalling the least used app/s from your ledger wallet, the first question that will cross your mind is - what will happen with my cryptocurrency? 

The answer is simple; nothing wrong will happen with your stored currency. It will still be within that app and whenever you reinstall the app, you can use the currency like before.

Final words  

To conclude, installing apps on Ledger Nano S takes the least possible time and no effort at all, which is obviously a plus point for a Ledger S series user. However, you should always be aware of unauthorized sites of Ledger. Otherwise, you subconsciously will imperil your account and assets.