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December 03, 2018

Are you in the dilemma of how you can fix holes in your leather couch by spending slightest amount of money? Well, don't sweat out any further! By purchasing a leather repair kit you can do the job of repairing by your self. And the cost of the leather repair kit is extremely budget friendly and it is also available in specific stores and famous online shops. You might be wondering and sweating out about how you are going to use the kit. Worry not, we have got your back! We have listed a number of easy steps below that you need to follow for self-repairing.

STEP 1: Use the sub-patch included in the leather repair kit. Cut out a portion from the sub-patch according to the size of the hole but a bit slightly larger. And make sure you cut the corners of the sub-patch in a round way. This is because for you to get ease in insertion of sub patch inside the hole.

STEP 2: With the help of tweezers, insert the sub-patch inside the hole of the couch. Also further flatten out any folds you see. Make sure that the hole is covered by the sub-patch.

STEP 3: Apply leather glue beneath the leather to attach the sub-patch with it firmly. After applying glue press the leather. Wipe off excess glue with the help of a dry paper towel.

Step 4: By the help of woodblock apply firm pressure on the leather for the leather to stick firmly with the sub-patch. Allow the glue to dry by providing 20 minutes minimum.

STEP 5: Using rubbing alcohol dampen a cloth. And then wipe the cloth over the surface to clean any dried residue od glue. This step is required for preparing the surface for application of leather filler.

STEP 6: Using a pair of sharp scissors cut out any fibers visible. This step helps to further smoothen the surface of the leather for filler application.

STEP 7: Apply the leather filler using a flat knife. Make sure the filler is spread evenly. And see carefully that the filler is level with the leather of the couch. Remove any excess filler using a cloth.

STEP 8: Allow the coating of leather filler to dry down. However, if you find that the spread is not uneven then spread the 2nd coat. But before application of further coats, the previous coat must dry down.

STEP 9: Apply leather dye according to the color of the couch. Apply 2 to 3 coats until you are satisfied with the color to pay off. But make sure that each coat gets dried down before you apply the next coat.

STEP 10: After the leather dye dries down, apply a coat of leather finish, to match with the sheen of the whole leather couch.

To conclude, self-repairing of the leather couch cannot be made easier than the steps listed above. You can get the job of repairing holes in leather couches done easily by yourself. Moreover, you will not need to spend a huge amount of bucks behind purchasing a new coach.