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September 14, 2021

If you are a regular or irregular ledger x or s wallet user and concerned for the security of it against the hackers then this write up is obviously for you.

Throughout the following write up we will be sharing you the hacks that the pro users adopt to ensure the maximum security of their Nano x or s against hacking. 

How to protect ledger wallet against hacking?

For your kind information, the tactics presented below for you, are here not out of our whim. We, instead, collected them from the official developers and pro users. Let's get started! 

Buy the device from the official website

The first and the foremost thing that you must ensure is - buy your ledger wallet from nowhere but from the official website only. 

If you buy the device from a reseller or from a person who has been using it so far, there remains a couple of risk factors:

First of all, the wallet might have been tampered in such a way that it, keeping you unaware will transfer your account info. 

In addition, it might come with a hidden application that will enable the hacker to get easy access to the account.

What to do if you buy a ledger device from an unofficial source? 

Even after our warnings, if you prefer to have a Nano x or s from any unofficial seller, you must reset the device in the following way:

  • Plug the wallet to the USB port of your computer using the supplied cable 
  • As the screen of your ledger device lights up, enter the 4 or 8 digits PIN code. 
  • After you confirm the password, you will be given complete access to the ledger wallet. 
  • Upon your getting access to the device, do the following consecutively:
    • Locate “Settings” first and from there identify “Device” option
    • On entering this particular option, find out the “Reset all” option
    • Tap and confirm the option
    • Once you confirm, your wallet will take a few seconds to be ready for you as a completely fresh device

In case you find this method of resetting to be a bit inconvenient for you in any way, you have one more option. Here follow the steps of our second recommended method:  

  • Plug in the wallet to the USB port of your computer using the supplied cable.
  • When the screen of the wallet lights up, enter a wrong password after your mind 
  • As you confirm the incorrect password, your wallet will ask you to enter the right one 
  • Instead of listening to your device, keep entering the wrong pass code for two more times
  • As soon as you enter the pass incorrectly for the third time, the device will take an automatic reset

Choose an uncommon and 8 digits password 

Is the reset process over? Well, in this stage you need to do a few things to make the wallet only for you. Amid these things, you will be asked to set a new PIN code.

This is a stage where most of the users make a blunder. We met and talked to a number of ledger users and learnt that they prefer a short and easy-to-remember or more common code to a lengthy and uncommon code.

Keep in mind that your account with such a PIN code is simply vulnerable that anyone can guess after repeated attempts. 

So, what we do strongly recommend you is to go for a code that is of 8 digits and unusual that not everyone can guess easily.

Preserve the 24 recovery phrases securely

The last yet the most vital thing that can baffle even the most knowledgeable hackers is the preservation of the 24 recovery words suggested by your wallet.

  • First of all, you must make sure that you note down the phrases in the way suggested and none sees you keeping the record.
  • Write them down on the sheet supplied with your brand new device. In case you buy a second-hand ledger device, use a piece of A4 size and thick paper to keep the note.
  • Preserve the sheet or paper in a hidden or secure place to what only you have access.

Final words

To conclude, your crypto currencies are your hard-toiled assets whose security against the hackers, is in your own hands. So, leave no stone unturned that might be a great help for a hacker and a great reason for your regret. 

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