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October 09, 2021

Transferring crypto currency from wallet to your Ledger Nano S device isn’t a big deal at all but one single wrong step can change the entire game for you. Therefore, it is a must for you to learn how to put coins on ledger nano s properly before you take the initiative.

In case, you are not sure of the method here we present you with one of the most popular and secure methods of the world. The method shows you in detail how you can transfer coins from Coinbase to your offline wallet.

Let’s begin! 

How To Put Coins On Ledger Nano S? 

To ease your understanding that is the core of our initiative, we have split the method into a number of simple steps. Here we go!   

Step 1: Pair your Nano s device with your desktop or laptop using the supplied OTG cable. Enter the PIN code to secure the connection.

Step 2: From your computer open the Ledger Live Application and log in to it by inputting the correct password

Step 3: After successful logging in, the homepage of the live application will be on screen. Cast your eyes just at the left where you will see a couple of commands. From there select Receive.

Step 4: A new dialog box will pop up asking you to select the type of currency you will be importing to your Nano s. Select the currency and go for Continue.

Step 5: Open the Ledger device and from it search the parental app of your selected currency. When the device highlights the app, confirm it by pressing the right and left buttons at a time.

Allow the device a few seconds so that it can be prepared to serve your purpose. 

Step 6: Look at the screen of the Ledger Live App. What do you see inside the dialog box? Is two of its options check marked? Well, only then proceed to Continue.

Step 7: The next phase will warn you to verify if the address that will be displayed soon is the same address shown on your Nano s. Press Continue.

Step 8: An address must be on the screen of the live app and the ledger s. Match the two with keen eyes. Do the two match exactly? Well then, to confirm the righteousness, press the right button from your ledger wallet.

Wait for a couple of seconds to let the live app make sure that you could confirm successfully.

As the live app says that it is confirmed, copy the address by clicking the Copy button that is just at the bottom of the dialog box. 

Step 9: From your browser open another tab and log in to Coinbase from there. Once you’re successfully logged in, check the commands displayed on the top of the home screen of Coinbase. Tap on Accounts.

Step 10: Entering the accounts department, you will see the name of wallets from where you will be sending crypto currency to your ledger wallet. 

Locate your wallet. For example, if you will be putting Ethereum, then find out the Ethereum wallet. Got your one? Good! Now, press the Send button. 

Step 11: A complicated-appearing dialog box will appear on the screen inside which there will be a Recipient box. This is the address box where you will be pasting the copied address. 

Step 12: In the same dialog box, you will have options for entering the amount and note (optional). Entered the value? Then, hit the Continue button. 

All done! Just for some time as long as you don’t see the message Transaction successful on the Coinbase’s screen.


What’s the method of putting currency in the Ledger Nano X?

Ans. Follow the same process of Ledger Nano S

How many crypto currency apps can I install in my Ledger Nano S?

Ans. On the basis of apps’ combination you can install from 3 to 7 apps

How many crypto currencies can a Nano S store at a time?

Ans. More than 1,100 currencies and tokens can be held by it.

Can I connect my NanoS to a computer or Android via Bluetooth?

Ans. Unlike Nano X, Nano S doesn’t offer Bluetooth facility

Final words

So, as you can see the method itself isn’t a tough one but in every step you must be vigilant. Keep in mind that once the transaction process commences, you can never hold it. So, before finalizing every step, have patience enough to check every input twice.