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July 29, 2019

There is no doubt that leather upholstery in your car adds a new dimension of class and sense of fashion. But, what if ink is poured upon leather at any time? Isn’t stain disgusting? We know your answer from our past experience. Therefore, we had been trying to come out with some revolutionary solutions that can fight against stains in a most secure way. 

Fortunately, we have been successful in our attempt and today, through this article, we will be introducing you to how to remove ink from leather car seat without causing minimum damage to leather. Let’s begin!

Remove ink from leather made car upholstery

Although there are many possible ways of removing stain yet we have listed only the 4 most popular and secure ones for you. Here go these one by one. 

Mop the ink

This is the primary solution to resist ink from squeezing into the leather through the invisible pores. For this, at first, you should take a piece of soft and clean cloth. Then rub the rag softly all over the spread ink. 

If you follow this method just after the ink fall on the leather surface, it is 100% guaranteed that the ink will have no chance to create any stain.

Apply the combination of water and dish soap

In case, you cannot follow the first method at once and the stain is fresh, don’t worry, rather adopt this method. 

As per this method, you should make a solution with little amount of slightly hot water and half a teaspoon of liquid dish-washing soap. Keep stirring the solution until you seen lots of suds are created.

Now, dip a clean and soft rag into the suds and rub the rag all over the stained area. Remember that scrubbing is strictly forbidden.

Try window cleaner and peanut butter together

It is 100% possible that you are having jaw-dropping expression just after reading the title and may already have started developing qualm. But, believe us this method really works just like magic! 

To accomplish the method successfully, you should at first spray window cleaner, obviously a little amount, all over the stain and leave the stain for some time so that it becomes dampen gradually. 

Once, the stain is damp, it is high time you placed a teaspoon of peanut butter over the stain. Next, leave butter for a few minutes. At last, wipe it up using a clean piece of cloth. See what you have accomplished! 

Use hairspray

This is another popular and one of the cheapest ways of removing ink from car leather seat. The method is accredited globally thus listed here.

To have success in this method, firstly, you should spray a little amount of hairspray upon the stain and wait for two seconds maximum. After that, blot off the area using anti-bacterial gel. 

Final words 

In the end, we guarantee that none of our suggested methods is going to be harmful for your leather car seat. But, you must make sure that the recommended elements, you will be using is pure and doesn’t contain any mixture. Otherwise, your attempts may prove to be less effective, for what we won’t be responsible.