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July 23, 2020

There are many ways of repairing peeling faux leather but our experience finds very few of them to be simple, effortless and effective at the same time. Among that ‘very few’ section, one is - soft filler application method. 

How to Repair Peeling Faux Leather

This method has been another name of dependence to millions of faux leather users for years. Therefore, today, we will be sharing with you how to repair peeling faux leather by adopting the soft filler method. Let’s begin! 

Tools required

  • A razor
  • A pot of soft filler
  • A putty knife
  • A piece of sponge
  • Chemical free faux leather paint 

Repair your peeling faux leather with soft filler

  • Have a sharp razor and shave the dangling threads and leather. Don’t apply too much force. Otherwise, you may cause further damage to the leather surface.
  • Take a pot of soft filler and a putty knife. Take up a small portion of filler on the top of the knife. Apply the filler all over the peeled area of the leather. Be careful enough not to leave filler over the unpeeled area. Smoother the filler using the knife.

Remember that only soft filler has got the capability of creating a secure bond with the fabric that is under the faux leather. And, this bond is a must for lengthy service.

  • Has any portion of the filler been left out of the border of the peeled zone? Then, use a soft tissue paper and rub that portion off. Otherwise, the portion will dry up hard and the look will be nasty.
  • Leave the filler for at least 20 minutes so that it can dry up naturally. Don’t try to be haste. Never use any external temperature source like a dryer or heater to dry up the filler. This may reverse the expected outcome. But, you can turn on a ceiling or table fan.
  • Has the first layer dried up well? Then, it’s time to apply a second layer of filler over the same peeled zone. And, the application process remains the same like that of the first one.
  • Wait for some time. And, whenever, you find the second layer to be dried up partially it’s time for pressing. How to do that? Well, for that you need to have a hand glove or a plastic wrap of 30 cm. 

Wear the glove or wrap the plastic wrapper in any of your hands. Now, start pressing the filler mildly with the wrap or glove covered hand. Keep doing this until you feel like the area is sufficiently textured. 

What’s the necessity of texture? The more textured the filler is, the more it will match with the surface of the other leather part.

  • In case, the surface of your faux leather is not completely smooth, you can skip the immediate previous step.
  • In this step that is the final, you need to paint the repaired part to hide it. Otherwise, the look of the entire bag or furniture will be horrible. So, how will you do that?

To accomplish this task, you just need a soft sponge and leather paint. Once the two are at your hand, at first, dampen the sponge with clean water. Then, gently dip it into the paint solution. 

Mop the filler applied part with the sponge. Once a single mopping is done, wait for some time and then apply another layer in the same way. As soon as you find the color is not distinctive, stop coloring anymore. Allow the paint to dry up naturally.

Final words

The final suggestion from our part for you is - the paint you buy must be free from any type of chemical. Otherwise, the presence of chemicals will enable the leather to peel or rupture and that will be permanent. Moreover, chemicals might be responsible for your skin itchiness or any disease.