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January 17, 2020

Rip in leather seats of car is a very common problem. It doesn't only minus the interior beauty of your car but also cost a lot if you hire a professional to fix that.

But, do you know that you can avoid the huge cost by repairing the rips by yourself? Don’t know how to do that? It’s okay, don’t be disheartened! Because, in this article, you’re going to learn the techniques of repairing the ripped leather seats of your car at home environment. Let’s begin! 

How to Repair Ripped Leather Seats?

There are many methods for repairing the ripped leather car seats but we will be introducing you to one of the simplest one. This method requires you to make the purchase of a quality leather repair kit. Once you have had the kit, start following the steps consecutively:

Step 1: Take a clean rag piece and drop a little liquid detergent or mild liquid soap. Rub the rag all around the ripped area. Rub it well so that no particle of dirt and dust is left on the surface. Let the surface dry up naturally.

Step 2: Check if the rip has any dangling thread or the rip edges are unpolished or uneven. Take a sharp scissors and cut off those threads and edges.

Step 3: Have a piece of rag that is cut according to the size of the rip. Now, insert the rag into the hole and place it well under it. Apply some glue under the rip part and press the part well so that it gets attached to the rag piece well. Wait for some time so that the glue can dry up well.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to deal with the leather filler. Take a palette knife to apply the filler. So, what you need to do is to take some filler up with the knife and apply the filler between the edges of the rip. Keep applying the filler as long as the volume of filler doesn’t overlap the seat. 

Here, you must keep in mind that you can’t apply the next filler as long as the previous one isn’t dried well.

Step 5: Has the filler dried up completely? Okay, then have a fine-grit sanding block and keep rubbing it all over the filler. Keep the block rubbing until you feel like the filler is leveled with the leather surface.

Step 6: Sanding process must have produced dirt particles, so before moving to the next step, you must mop the rip area once again. To do this, you should adopt a moist rag piece.

Step 7: Apply colorant all over the filler using a clean rag piece. Never end the application before applying three to four layers. Make sure that there is a standard time lapse between every colorant application. Let the current layer dries up before applying the next one.

Step 8: Finally, cover the entire colorant applied area using leather sealant. To apply the sealant, you should adopt a clean rag piece. Why to apply it? Well, this will prevent the rubbing off the colorant. 

Let the sealant dry up naturally. Before it dries up completely, don’t sit on the chair.

Final words

So, this is how you can repair your ripped car seats at home environment with the savings of a handsome amount of your hard-toil money. However, be sure that you haven’t made the purchase of a cheap yet quality-less leather repair kit. This may harass you to a great extent.