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May 30, 2019

If you have got any scratched leather product and cannot understand how to get it fixed, we request you not to worry any more. Because, today we are here to present you with a fabulous guideline of repairing the scratched leather products. You are humbly recommended to stick to the end. Otherwise, your experiment will turn into a nightmare. Here we go!


At first, you must clean the scratched area to remove the seen or unseen grime and dirt. For this, you can adopt either ‘Leather colorant kit’ or ‘Leather repair touch up kit’. In case, you’re using the second one, we recommend you not to use airbrush rather a sponge in the rest of the steps.


Then, trim the loose fibers of the scratched area using a pair of scissors. Remember that only the lengthy fibers are to be trimmed. Be careful so that no cut or puncture is caused to the leather.


Once the trimming is done, apply some leather binder on the affected area. For better application, you should have a quality sponge. Dive the sponge into or wet it with the binder and rub it directly over the damaged area. Apply at least 8 to 10 layer of binder and before every fresh application let the previous one dry properly.


In this phase, you are to have a piece of sandpaper. Rub it lightly all over the area where you have applied binder a while ago. Make sure that no residue is left. This will create an even and smooth surface.

Applying filler

Next, apply some heavy filler on the sanded area with a palette knife. After a single application, you should wait for half an hour to let the filler to be dried up. If you feel like a single filling isn’t sufficient then apply some more and wait for the same duration.


Again, it’s time to do the sanding. Sand the filler properly with 1200-grit sandpaper. After sanding, wipe the area down using the alcohol cleaner, otherwise, your application of color will be a failure.

Applying colorant

Now, this is time to apply the first layer of colorant. For this, at first, wet a sponge with some colorant and rub it over the scratched area. Once a thin layer of the colorant is created, sand the area, and again re-apply the colorant.

Spraying colorant

After that, apply layers of colorant to hide the repair and level it with the surroundings. In case of your using of colorant kit, adopt a airbrush for spraying. On the contrary, adopt a sponge, if you have been using complete leather repair kit.


Next, apply lacquer in three layers at least using a airbrush or sponge. This will make the repairing flexible and robust. Finally, apply the leather finish. Remember that there must be a sufficient gap between the two applies.

Final words

Although the entire procedure seems to be a bit complex yet it’s not. Before reaching any conclusion you should adopt the procedure at least once. We guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied. In case, you are highly disinterested in following literally any procedure but at the same time want the scratches repaired, we strongly recommend you to consult TMpatchupfor a mind-blowing solution.