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November 08, 2021

When the ledger live app is unable to validate or store or index your crypto transactions, it means that it has a synchronization problem. Why the problem arises, how you can identify and finally resolve it is the talk of this write up.

How to resolve synchronization issue of Ledger Live App?

However, the issue isn’t a big or complex one, so you can keep a chill mood and keep pace with us till the end.

Let’s get started!

What causes the synchronization error in Ledger Live?

The most common and prevalent reason behind the synchronization issue of your ledger live app is the complexity of the blockchain explorer. This is actually the life and soul of the live app that tracks your transactions to synchronize the live app.

However, if there is an unnoticed issue with the explorer or has been for some time, this affects the performance of the live app negatively.

How to identify the synchronization error?

Like every other problem, synchronization error does show off the symptoms. Once you’re acquainted with them, you can work on the issue to fix it quickly.

Here go the symptoms for you:

  • You may get a certain or some code/s on the screen of your Ledger live app every time you try to browse it. The code can be any of these:
  • HTTP API 500
  • HTTP API 503
  • Synchronization error
  • 503 service unavailable
  • Navigate to the Accounts page to locate the specific crypto app that has the issue of synchronization. The app that can’t synchronize itself will show you the Error message written in red. 

How to solve the synchronization issue by yourself?

As soon as you make sure that any of the crypto apps or the live app is attacked with a synchronization issue, there is no need to be freaked out or report the issue to the developer at once.

Instead, first of all, you should try to resolve it by yourself as suggested by the developers.

Do the followings by yourself:

  • Update the Ledger Live to its most recent edition. How can you do that? Well, for that you need to navigate to “Check for updates”. 

If your current live app is the latest one, you are more likely to see nothing inside. 

  • Inside the Ledger live app, there is a button named Synchronize. Click on it to help the app synchronize itself for you
  • Visit or @Ledger_Support on Twitter to make sure that the issue isn’t an outcome of sudden network disruption. 

If it has been an issue of network disruption, you can check whether it has been restored or not or by when it might be.

  • In case, it has been a network issue basically and the network is reconnected now but your problem still persists, try to clear the cache then. 

Don’t you know how to clear the cache? Here goes the process for you:

  • Open the Ledger live app and log in to it. Cast your eyes on the upper right-hand side. What do you see there? A cog, right? Hit the icon and you will be given the option of Settings. 
  • From there, navigate to the Help tab where there will be an option saying Clear Cache. Click on this specific option and further confirm it. 

The issue shouldn’t persist anymore. But, if it does, you still have the option - report to the developer of the app to get a quick and secure fix.

What happens to my crypto assets if there is a synchronization error?

No matter how long the issue has been with your live app, your digital currency is always stored safely on the blockchain. There is no loophole of its being hacked by anyone.

In short, you can relax until the problem is completely gone! 


Here follows a series of question related to live app and its synchronization:

How long does Ledger Live usually take to synchronize?

Ans. Almost 5 minutes to synchronize.

Is Ledger Live real time?

Ans. Yes, it is. You can see the real time update of your currency and transactions

Is Ledger Live a wallet?

Ans. No, it itself isn’t a currency wallet rather it’s an ancillary part of Ledger Nano S and X wallet.

Is it possible to have multiple Ledger Live accounts?

Ans. Yes, it is obviously possible

What type of storage Ledger live is?

Ans. It’s a cold storage 

Final words

To conclude, although the non-synchronization issue of the Ledger live app isn’t a big thing at all, this should be resolved as soon as possible. Keep trying till the last recommended method before you seek assistance from the expert team of Ledger to boost your own efficiency and confidence.