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May 30, 2020

Reusing Kn95 mask requires you to ensure a safe sanitizing of the mask in any recommended method. In case, you’re not sure of any such method, then nothing to be concerned because we’re here for you. Throughout this write up, we will be introducing you to the most promising ways of Kn95 mask sanitization for reusing. Let’s begin!

How to Reuse Kn95 Mask?  

To reuse your Kn95 mask with the assurance of the mass-slaughter ofall types of germs including Covid-19, adopt any of the following sanitization methods.


    • VHP, the acronym of Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide has been a popular means of mask sanitization since the outbreak of Covid-19. The researchers of Duke Health have already granted this method - sound. They have found that vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide is immensely successful in permeating the layers of the mask and killing the Covid-19 germs. They have also stated that using vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide doesn’t cause any type of deterioration to the mask. 

    So, you can adopt the method with the utmost reliance although amid the lockdown getting vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide mightn’t be easy. 


      Another group of researchers at the University of Tennessee have made an experiment with heat. The researchers took a used Kn95 mask and heated it up at 70C for 30 minutes at a stretch. To their utter surprise, they found that the germs of Covid-19 are no more and the filter is all okay.

      UV radiation

        Using UV radiation to sanitize your Kn95 mask is another promising method, already being adopted by some hospitals. While performing this method, you must make sure that radiation falls all over the mask properly with 260/285 nm. Otherwise, all your attempts will go in vain.

        Ethanol spray

          Just like the previous three, ethanol spray is also a tested way to sanitize Kn95 mask. For this, your ethanol solution must be pure and the solution must be everywhere of the mask.

          The last note for you is that not any of the methods is approved by the manufacturers but amid such a crisis, you are left with no other option rather than adopting any of our recommended procedures. 



          Don’t do the following two things with your Kn95 mask:

          • Saturating the mask with liquid alcohol or aerosol 
          • Washing using soap solution

          If you aren’t interested enough to be left with unseen danger then avoid performing any of the procedures with your mask.What might be the danger? For your kind information,sanitization with any of these destroys filter medium material of the mask. Eventually, your mask will lose its effectiveness. 

          In addition, using ethanol spray often reduces the effectiveness of a Kn95 mask. So, you better try to avoid this method as much as possible.

          Final words

          Sanitization makes a mask fit for reuse but you cannot guarantee that you have been able to sanitize in the correct way, can you? Therefore, our final suggestion for you is – discard your used Kn95 mask as soon as you have a new one.